Player Pathway Overview

We have five stages to our Performance Pathway:

  • Regional Performance
  • National Performance
  • International Junior
  • Pro Transition
  • Pro

These stages are dedicated to nurturing the most promising players to become champions at all levels of local, national and international tennis.

Players can enter the Player Pathway at any stage, however some initiatives and programmes are accessible by selection only.

You can find out more about what initiatives and programmes fall under each stage in the table below.

Age group Stage of Player Pathway LTA Player Pathway programmes
7-10 years Regional Performance
  • Regional Activity

  • County Training

  • 10U Performance Programmes
10-14 years National Performance
  • National Age Group Programme

  • Regional Player Development Centres

  • National Academies
14-18 years International Junior
  • Pro Scholarship Programme

  • Men's & Women's Programme

  • National Academies
18-24 years Pro Transition
  • Pro Scholarship Programme

  • Men's & Women's Programme

  • NCAA Support
24+ years Pro
  • Elite

  • NTC Pro Access

  • NTC Top 25 Access