Performance Competitions Calendar 2022

Two girls high five as they play doubles together at the Junior National Championships

Our new Performance Competitions Calendar provides significantly enhanced opportunities for British players at each age and stage of the performance player pathway. Importantly these new opportunities will all be on home soil. 

Here are just a few things that our new calendar will do:

  • Complement our existing performance strategy and enhance player development by providing more meaningful playing opportunities for players of all ages.
  • Deliver a mixture of national and international competitions to give all players the widest possible number of playing opportunities.
  • Provide a clear pathway for the youngest players through to adults, with multiple opportunities to play matches at the appropriate level in Britain. 
  • Allow players to earn progression upwards to the next stage of competition. Success will be rewarded with more opportunities to ‘play up’ in higher level competitions or older age groups.

10U and 9U 10U and 9U addremove

For Junior players aged 10 years and under we want to increase the number of appropriate competitions for this age group to support overall development and build their competitive experience.

However, we are mindful of the need to keep activities fun and inclusive alongside appropriate levels of competition.

So this year we will deliver a new 9U National Tour Circuit, and a refreshed 10U National Tour Circuit.

Our goal is for regular opportunities throughout the year for the best players to come together and enjoy a high volume of competitive matches. There will also be a new 10U Regional Team competition to provide more team based competitive opportunities at this age group.

For younger children we will also pilot an 8U County Cup competition. This will be an aspirational and fun team event to help motivate players and connect them into County programmes.

Alongside this at a county level we will be actively promoting our LTA Youth Local Tour circuit within each county to provide more regular and localised competition.

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14U, 12U and 11U 14U, 12U and 11U addremove

For junior players between the ages of 10 and 14 we want to increase the number and quality of competitions to provide them with more opportunities to play the best opponents at national and international level more regularly. We also want players to gain as much experience as possible against different opponents on all surfaces.

So, in 2019 we staged 5 Tennis Europe 14U and 12U events, last year that doubled to 10, and in 2022 our intention is to stage 11 including some tournaments of a higher category. This gives British players the opportunity to experience international competition on home soil, whilst benefitting from lower travel costs.

Domestically, we will be revamping the National Tour, to improve the experience and quality of competition opportunities, including four flagship Grade 1 events on each of grass, clay, hard and indoor hard at 11U, 12U and 14U age categories. Our national events will also have expanded draw sizes to allow for a larger player field, as well as increasing the number of guaranteed matches per player per event.

Next year will see national level competition for the 11U age group including a new 11U National Championship, as well as wildcard playoff events into the 12U TE events, to provide young players with early international competition experience.

Finally we will also be re-establishing our mixed gender invitational 11U International Team Event, which will include some of the strongest European nations.

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18 and under 18 and under addremove

For Junior players over the age of 14 our intention is to enhance the quality of both international and national competition. 

So we will be more than doubling the number of 18U junior ITF events in 2022 compared to 2019, as we move to at least 20 female and male 18U events next year as well as adding more events of a higher category.

As this is a key stage in a player’s development, our aim is to wherever possible reward success and provide opportunities for players to play up at higher levels in order to improve their game. So there will continue to be earned progression and wildcard opportunities for players who win competitions. This will include continuing the arrangement with the AELTC to grant wildcards into The Championships qualifying and junior events in 2022 for the winners and runners-up at the 18U/16U National Championships.

We will also continue to offer junior feed up opportunities through the allocation of wild cards into LTA British Tour events to provide opportunities for juniors to play up in adult national level competition, further supporting their game development. 

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Pro-players Pro-players addremove

Our goal has been to support British players with more opportunities to earn international ranking points on home soil, as well as providing more match play and prize money earning opportunities.

So we are doubling the number of Pro Level International ITF World Tennis Tour events staged in Great Britain (from seven men’s events and eight women’s events in 2019) to 16 for both men and women. This is in addition to the grass court season playing opportunities already in place. We want to provide more opportunities for players to compete more regularly at a higher level and make progressive ranking gains at the early stages of their career.

Alongside this we are also enhancing our own LTA British Tour and working with partners such as the UK Pro League and the Progress Tour to offer more domestic prize money opportunities throughout the year.

This means that in 2022 there will be over 40 weeks of either international ranking point or prize money earning opportunities in Great Britain. Across these events we will be introducing progression through wild card feed ups into higher level competitions and retaining the LTA tournament bonus scheme in addition to prize money earned. 

So, through this mix of international ranking point and prize money competitions we want to help, support and encourage a larger player base in this country - as more British players take advantage of the events we are staging, as well as benefiting from lower travel costs and home advantage more often.

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