Team Challenge

What is Team Challenge? 

Team Challenge is great for anyone on the LTA Youth Programme.

Think short matches, small teams, quick fire. We cater for any number, so the more the merrier; mates, school friends or kids from the local club.

Yes, it’s competitive but everyone’s a winner: medals for the champions, certificates for the challengers.

There are two formats:

  • ‘Match Weeks’ slot into weekly coaching programmes, usually halfway through a term, and are a great way to play some competitive, fun matches in small teams.
  • ’Festivals’ are bigger events that can take place at any time, often on the weekends or during schools holidays. These often involve the whole club and can even be themed around events, like Halloween.

Why play Team Challenge?

In short, playing with mates is much more enjoyable. And kids agree. 

26,000 players took part in 2019 because...

  • There’s less pressure when playing with friends and it’s a good chance to make new pals
  • It doesn’t matter what level you are, everyone goes home with something and it doesn’t affect ratings or rankings 

Parents are big fans of Team Challenge too. Match Week takes place during coaching sessions, which makes the first step to competition easy. Festivals only last 2-3 hours so you can relax knowing your kids are playing with friends and experienced coaches in a safe environment. Double win.

Enter Team Challenge

Contact the person at your club who organises Team Challenge – that could be your child’s coach or a club volunteer.

Some events are also listed here on the Team Challenge ClubSpark Page (but please check with your club first as not all events are listed).

Team Challenge Organisers

If you would like to organise a Team Challenge event you can find information on the sign up dates, resources and how to enter results on our bespoke organiser page