Local Tour

What is Local Tour?

Local Tour (formerly LTA County Tour - Grade 5).

LTA Youth Local Tour offers a range of tournaments throughout the year for children aged 18 and under. These competitions give players their first opportunity to earn Recent Form (9U and 10U events) or LTA Ranking (10U – 18U) points.

For kids 9U and 8U these tournaments normally last half a day and use a simple format: one match tiebreak to 10 points for players competing with a Orange or Red Ball. Easy.

For players aged 10-18 it could still be half a day or ramp up to a full day. Then it’s time for FAST4 scoring.

What is FAST4 Tennis?

FAST4 speeds up the conventional game of tennis. It’s shorter and faster but still competitive:

  • First to 4 games wins a set
  • Tie-break at 3 games all to 7 points, 2 clear at 6-6
  • Match tie-break at 1 set all to 10 points, 2 clear at 9-9
  • No-ad scoring   

Why FAST4 Tennis?

When asked, parents and players both wanted quicker matches.

For you, it means less waiting around. No watching endless rallies that go to Deuce 17 under floodlights. For kids, it’s a way to play more matches (up to 4 in a day) and meet new friends (up to 16 in a competition).

First come, first served - LTA Youth Local Tour acceptance criteria

Players will be taken on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Entries will be accepted until the draw is full. Any players not accepted will be placed on the reserve list.

If a player withdraws from an event the player at the top of the reserve list will be selected to replace them.