Competition Management System

The LTA has partnered with leading competition software company, Visual Reality, to provide a new, market-leading competition management system for domestic competition in Great Britain, to allow players to search, enter and withdraw from competitions.

As part of the LTA’s vision to open up tennis to many more people, we are committed to making playing tennis easier and more accessible for anyone, and specifically making it easy for people to find and access tennis competitions. The implementation of a new system has been long overdue, and so the LTA is making a significant investment to replace the current tools for players, parents, organisers and officials. In developing it, we’ve taken in on board feedback from competition organisers, officials, players and parents to provide the best possible user experience.

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Watch a video about the new Competitions Portal here:

2021 Update

Having implemented the system back in August 2020, the Competitions Team have been working with the developers to provide further functionality beyond the minimum viable product to enhance the user experience. Since the launch we have:

  • Reordered and added additional quick searches
  • Updated the search filters 
  • Added the distance to each tournament from the post code location
  • Updated terminolody
  • Created a process for adding late or manual entries enabling players to pay prior to the tournament
  • Created a process for refunding entries and refunding a whole tournament
  • Improving the withdrawal user journey
  • Introduce a new Results Manager

During 2021, the team look to make the following enhancements and develop new features to the Competition Management System to improve the experience for players and parents further:

  • Introduction of County & Region filters on Tournament Search
  • Providing further information to users on the entry list and player profiles
  • Additional email notifications including reinstating the watchlist reminder
  • Reintroducing the Tournament Satisfaction Survey
  • Updating the Play Counties on the LTA Ranking and re-establishing the importing of international ranking points.

Planned functionality for further down the line includes:

  • Recommending similar tournaments to players
  • Delegating access to another user to enter on your behalf
  • Investigating whether payment can be taken when a player is accepted rather than when they enter.

Should you have any suggestions for new features, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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