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Officials Licence Scheme


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What is the officials’ licence scheme?

It’s an easy way for parents, players and tennis venues to identify officials who meet our standards. 

By joining up you’re demonstrating your commitment to continuous personal development (CPD) and conduct and will also be provided with a criminal record check. 

The benefits of joining

  • Easier and quicker to apply for selections and complete your annual work card. 
  • Personal accident insurance and civil liability insurance. 
  • Free membership to the Association of British Tennis Officials (ABTO). 
  • Access to the ABTO Wimbledon ballot.
  • Access to free legal and tax advice through BASELINE - a business advice support line. 
  • Ability to purchase officials’ uniform and accessories. 
  • Opportunity to apply for selections from the LTA as a licensed official. 

How do I join?

Officials are required to have completed and passed either a Referee Course or Basic Line Umpire Course or attended a Court Supervisor Course before they can join, as well as having completed a criminal record check in the past 12 months. 

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Continuous professional development (CPD)

Once you become a member of the scheme, youll be required to comply with the minimum annual CPD requirement of eight credits to retain your licence. This may be completed by attending courses/workshops and/or online learning. Take a look at our CPD course page to browse current opportunities.  


The officials’ licence costs £25 per annum.


If you need any further guidance, contact the LTA Services Team via the contact us form.

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