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HSBC Road to Wimbledon

About HSBC road to wimbledon

HSBC Road to Wimbledon is the biggest junior tournament in British tennis and gives all 14U players the opportunity to progress through to compete on the world famous grass courts at Wimbledon. Local clubs, parks and schools are encouraged to enter and stage a tournament for their members/pupils rated between 10.2 and 7.1.

For stronger rated players (6.2 or higher) there is the HSBC Road to Wimbledon International event which players can enter directly.

HSBC Road to Wimbledon (club/park/school)

The competition is open to LTA registered venues, as well as Schools in England, Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

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HSBC Road to Wimbledon International

Road to Wimbledon International is the regional event for players rated 6.2 and higher. Venues will host regional qualifying events across England & Scotland.

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