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In 2019, when asked why he goes for tweener shots in matches, Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios said, “As ridiculous as it sounds, I just back myself. It's just completely instinct.” We think this week’s crop of tennis freestylers would definitely agree with Nick on that.

For some, the added flair comes naturally to their game and they are constantly looking for ways to put on a show when on the court. From cycling tennis to some dangerous target practice, check out this week’s trick shots and vote for your favourite below.

1. ‘On your bike’ - @langleytennis (Instagram)

Ever wondered what would happen if you combined cycling with tennis? We hadn’t either, but then we saw this crazy video from Langley Tennis Club. The ultimate test of balance and control, this trick shot is not for the faint hearted. How do you reckon you’d get on?

2. Getting the edge - @ferran_tennis (Instagram)

You can’t shake @ferran_tennis’s concentration here – this guy is a trick shot master! Not only is he juggling the ball on the edge of his racket with ease, but to weave in the tweener as well? Take a bow young man.

3. Eyes on the prize - @tennisjess_ (Instagram)

A second appearance for Jess on our trick shot list and it certainly won’t be the last. Everything about this shot oozes in class and is up there as one of the best disguises you’ll ever see. One thing is for sure; never take your eyes off her when the lob goes up.

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4. Laser target practice - @ethanlax_ (Instagram)

Target practice is a fairly regular part of a training session but this takes it to a new level. The last thing you’d ever want to do is have someone serve at a target in between your legs, but if the racket is in @ethanlax_ hand then you’ll be breathing a sigh of relief. Try this at your own risk!

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