Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Organising Elite Competition


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The Government has produced guidance in conjunction with National Sporting Governing Bodies to provide a framework for the Return to Domestic Competition - Behind Closed Doors for sports in the UK. The LTA has produced Tennis-specific guidance that reflects the Government guidance and outlines a set of minimum standards for organisers wishing to deliver Domestic Competitions for Elite Tennis Athletes.

Any organiser wishing to hold an event of this type must work with the LTA on the delivery and satisfy us that they are adhering to the guidance which include the production of Operational plans including extensive risk assessment and mitigation measures, activity specific protocols, the appointment of an experienced Medical Officer’s and screening/testing and social distancing procedures.

For those organisers wishing to hold an event, please contact the LTA by emailing as soon as possible for an initial discussion.  Please note that organisers should make contact with the LTA at least 30 days prior to their event. 

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