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After launching our new music section with Shoot Music, we have another fantastic interview with indie musician, Tim Booth.

Tim Booth is from indie band James and we chatted to him about this love for Anna Kournikova and how he got into tennis.

Check out their new album which is out now - ‘Girl At The End Of The World’! 

How did you get into tennis?

  • My Mother had visions of me being a pro!!!! Some neighbours had a tarmac court that we resurfaced.

If you were a tennis player, which pro would you most play like and why?

  • Well my ego says Andre Agassi: loved his artistry, his Zen and his bad boy. In reality someone ranked 169 – just clinging on to his passion as best he could

Which tennis player would make the best frontman?

  • Sorry to be such a boy but Anna Kournikova

What song would you listen to in preparation for a tennis match?

  • Iggy pop “ I wanna be your dog.”

What tennis court would you most like to play on?

  • Wimbledon Centre Court

What is your favourite sporting movie?

  • HBO’s “7 days in hell” – outrageous tennis mockumentary

Who would be your dream doubles partner?

  • Anna Kournikova

Who is going to win Wimbledon this year?

  • The amazing Serena Williams and Andy Murray 

Which tennis player would you like to duet with?

  • You already know the answer to this! (Anna Kournikova)

If you could write a song about a tennis player who would it be and why?

  • I could write an angry punk song about how the length of time it took Ivan Lendl to serve made me switch off tennis for years! But I think I would stick with eulogising Agassi.

P.S. I played at schoolboys junior Wimbledon when I was 17. We got knocked out by the winners, but got more points against them than anyone else.

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