LTA National Safeguarding Conference 2021

On 11 September 2021, the LTA will be holiding its inaugural National Safeguarding Conference.

Join us as we bring together people with a broad mix of knowledge, experience and expertise in safeguarding. Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from the LTA Safeguarding Team, Scott Lloyd (LTA Chief Executive), Guest Speakers and workshops facilitated by external experts.

This conference will allow everyone involved in tennis to develop their safeguarding knowledge and will be offered, but not limited to: coaches, welfare officers, county safeguarding officers, officials, and county and venue committee members.  It will be free to attend.

All delegates who attend will achieve their LTA level 1 and level 2 safeguarding training.  Delegates will also be entered into a raffle to win:

  • An experience day at the National Tennis Centre (includes – refreshments/lunch, interactive zone experience, tour of the NTC/courts and tennis coaching from a top LTA performance coach)
  • A pair of tickets to an LTA major event (excluding Wimbledon, The Championships) in 2022.  n.b. there are five pairs of tickets to be won (max one per person).

This conference will be run virtually. Details of the platform will be communicated to attendees in advance of the conference. 



Conference starts


Welcome and overview

Message from Scott Lloyd, LTA Chief Executive 10.30am

Lived experience of sexual abuse - Karen Leach, Sport England Safeguarding Advisory Panel

A former elite athlete swimmer, Karen Leach talks about her experience of childhood sexual abuse and what we can learn from it to keep children safe in sport. 

Break 11.15am

Workshop 1

Delegates to join their chosen workshop




The importance of sharing low level concerns - Katie Fudakowski, Farrer & Co

An introduction to ground-breaking guidance on low-level concerns, produced by Farrer & Co’s Safeguarding Unit in collaboration with external experts Marcus Erooga and Hugh Davies QC


Workshop 2

Delegates to join their chosen workshop

Wrap up and close 3.30pm

Please note that the agenda is subject to change.


Register for the conference

To book a place at the conference, click on the link to complete the registration form and select your preferred workshop choices.  Book your place now.  Registration closes on Friday 3 September 2021.


Promoting and Supporting Positive Parenting in Tennis: Professor Chris Harwood and Dr Sam Thrower Promoting and Supporting Positive Parenting in Tennis: Professor Chris Harwood and Dr Sam Thrower addremove

This workshop will look at parental behaviour in tennis and explore why some parents are more difficult than others.  It will consider the roles and behaviour of parents at competitions and explore when poor behaviour can become abuse.  The workshop will also provide attendees with strategies and tactics to engage and work with parents in order to create an environment which promotes positive parental involvement.

Online Safety: Mubashar Khaliq (NSPCC) Online Safety: Mubashar Khaliq (NSPCC) addremove

This workshop will provide an overview of online safety and will help attendees understand how children experience online abuse and how they access online platforms. The workshop will empower attendees with the knowledge to respond to online safety concerns and where to access resources and tools to keep children safe online.

Adults at Risk in Sport: Joanne Pell (Ann Craft Trust) Adults at Risk in Sport: Joanne Pell (Ann Craft Trust) addremove

Safeguarding adults is about protecting a person’s right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect, and sport plays a crucial role in keeping adults safe. This workshop is designed to provide those working and volunteering at all levels in tennis with the essentials for safeguarding adults, covering the types of abuse attributed to adults, safeguarding roles and responsibilities, and building confidence in recognising abuse and knowledge of the necessary processes to report it.


Karen Leach, Sport England Safeguarding Advisory Panel Karen Leach, Sport England Safeguarding Advisory Panel addremove

An expert by lived experience in childhood sexual abuse, Karen is one of the leading voices in the international work against sexual abuse and harassment in sport. Karen is a Safe Sport Advocate, an ambassador for VOICE (Voices for Truth and Dignity Combatting Sexual Violence in European Sport through the voices of those affected), a psychotherapist and a counsellor. Karen is also a member of the Sport England Safeguarding Advisory Panel, the pool of European Experts on Sexual Violence in Sport and the Safeguarding Children in Sport Strategic Group in Northern Ireland.

Katie Fudakowski, Farrer & Co Katie Fudakowski, Farrer & Co addremove

Katie is a practising barrister with a decade of litigation experience in employment and safeguarding law built up while a tenant of Old Square Chambers. Katie is passionate about protecting children and adults at risk from harm and dedicates time to thought leadership in this area, working along-side other experts to produce the Farrer & Co guidance on implementing a low level concerns policy.

Mubashar Khaliq, NSPCC Mubashar Khaliq, NSPCC addremove

Mubashar is a local campaigns manager at NSPCC (North West & North Wales) and works with communities to develop and deliver local campaigns that help protect children and young people. A priority for the NSPCC is helping to make the online world safer for every child and young person. This online safety webinar provides professionals, parents and carers with the information and resources to support them to help keep children and young people safe online.

Professor Chris Harwood, Loughborough University Professor Chris Harwood, Loughborough University addremove

Chris Harwood, Ph.D is a Professor of Sport Psychology at Loughborough University and a Registered Sport Psychologist. His expertise lies in the psychological aspects of player development and performance including the roles of the coach, parents, and impact of the wider social and performance environment. A former National standard tennis player, he was the Head Coach for Loughborough University Tennis from 1993-1998, before transitioning into the role of Director of Tennis on campus until 2003. From 2010-2013, he served as Lead Psychologist for the LTA at the National Tennis Centre, working as part of their multidisciplinary performance support team; a role that he served again as the Loughborough National Tennis Academy psychologist from 2019-2020. As a scientist-practitioner, Chris has led on the development and delivery of the LTA and ITFs Parent Education and Support strategies.

Dr Sam Thrower, Roehampton University Dr Sam Thrower, Roehampton University addremove

Dr Sam Thrower is a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology at the University of Roehampton, London. He is also a BPS Chartered Psychologist. His main interests lie in the area of youth sport and specifically the psychosocial development of young athletes. He is particularly interested in topics such as performance enhancement in young athletes, positive youth development, parenting in sport, motivational climates, and anti-doping. Sam has also been involved in successful collaborations and knowledge translation partnerships with national and international organisations (i.e., Youth Sport Trust, Lawn Tennis Association and International Tennis Federation.

Joanne Pell, Ann Craft Trust Joanne Pell, Ann Craft Trust addremove

Joanne is the Safeguarding Adults in Sport Manager for the Ann Craft Trust. Joanne's background and experience lie within Adult Social Care, where she worked in learning disability services, mental health services and training/personal development within the statutory sector. For the last 19 years, Joanne worked in Safeguarding Adults, with 10 years acting as the Strategic Lead of Adult Safeguarding within a large Local Authority.