Mark Vaughan - Safeguarding Officer

Mark is the Tennis Wales Safeguarding Officer, supporting the tennis network of 16,000 members, 83 venues, 220 coaches and more than 500 volunteers across Wales.

Mark works part time, with time time being split the office and out on the field.

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  • How long have you worked at Tennis Wales: As of June 12th....3 Days!
  • What is your  Background: I was a police officer for  30 years retiring in May 2019. The last 10 years of  my  career  worked operationally  running a Public Protection Unit in Cardiff and then strategically within South Wales Police  HQ. Additionally I run Danescourt  Football club in Cardiff which is exclusively  a children’s club in Cardiff
  • What do you  like about  working in Tennis Wales : Utilising my  safeguarding knowledge and experience to  ensure  that  everyone involved  with  tennis in Wales have the confidence  to  feel that  children can thrive  in a safe and secure environment.
  • What are your  hobbies: With three  growing  boys time for my  hobbies is limited. I coach three  age  groups  within the football club which I  enjoy. After all that’s done there’s not  much time left!
  • What is your  favourite film: Got to be the Blues Brothers, great film, great  music.

To contact Mark:

07984 978011 /