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Performance coach education and development



The Performance Coach Education and Development Team provide education, guidance and support for performance coaches, with the aim of building a continual supply of world class coaches at every stage of the performance pathway.

The team consists of a Head of Performance Coach Education and Development, Performance Coaching Pathway Manager, Performance Coach Development Manager and Performance Coach Education Coordinator. Across the team, they are working together to create a more transparent performance coaching career pathway, influence a new culture of coaching in GB, driven by the Performance Coaching Principles and offer continuous support and learning and development opportunities to coaches who are working with performance players on the Player Pathway.

The range of continuous professional development opportunities and formal education on offer are detailed below:

The Performance Coach Representation Group

The Performance Coach Reps were put together in March 2021 as a channel for coaches to voice their thoughts and opinions in and around performance coaching in the UK. They are a contact for coaches who will listen to the collective views of others and communicate these to the LTA on a quarterly basis. We have a team of 10 reps on board and below you can find the coaches that make up the group, with a bit of background on them. You can get in touch with any of the reps by emailing performancecoachsupport@LTA.org.uk.

Useful links

Performance Coaches Institute


Player Pathway

Calendar (coming soon) 

Career Pathway (coming soon)


Performance programmes will now provide an opportunity to recruit an apprentice performance coach. The apprentice coach will gain on-court experience and support from the programme, as well as gaining qualifications, and additional training and experience opportunities. Applications will be specific to the jobs that become available and we will share the links to these as and when they do. If you are interested in recruiting an apprentice, please email performancecoachsupport@lta.org.uk for more information.