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Padel courts in Britain


A woman smiling while hitting a backhand as she plays padel outdoors

Finding a padel club in Britain

Padel is a sport for anyone and everyone - it's easy to pick up and once you get started, you'll find it difficult to stop.

There are over 450 padel courts in Britain ready and waiting for you, with even more on the way. There are also padel clubs across the country that you can join as a member - including clubs in cities such as London, Bristol, Manchester, Derby, Leeds, and Edinburgh to name a few.

If you're keen to explore more about padel in Britain, this is your ultimate guide, showcasing top locations to play across the country and essential considerations when selecting a padel court.

Check out our padel court map below to find your nearest courts and how you can book your next hit with friends and family, a coaching session or play matches.

Get involved in one of the fastest growing sports in the world and book a padel court near you today.

Find padel courts in Britain

Use our interactive map to find your nearest padel court:

How to get started playing padel

From the basic rules to the equipment you’ll need, here’s the lowdown on all things padel.

Frequently asked questions

Got some questions on how to play padel? Or what equipment you'll need? Check out our padel FAQs for some extra guidance.

Padel competitions

Find a local competition and take your padel skills to the next level with one of our many LTA padel competitions across the UK.

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