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Beach Tennis



What is Beach Tennis?

Beach tennis is a cross between tennis, beach volleyball, and badminton. It's a fun sport that's great for families or groups of friends!  

If you’re serious about beach tennis, there are plenty of social sessions and competitions around Britain that you can get involved in. 

Beach Tennis rules

A lot of the rules are similar to normal tennis, but you’re playing on flat sand instead! A match can be played to the best of 3 sets, as singles or doubles, it's up to you. Unlike normal tennis though, there’s no advantage scoring, no service let, and no second serves. And if the ball touches the ground, the point is over. 

If you want to get really technical, you can find the full rules of Beach tennis on the ITF website.  

Beach Tennis rankings

The ITF website has all the latest rankings of the top players in Beach tennis right now. Click here to see them! 

Give Beach tennis a go!

If you like sand, sun and having a good time, why not give Beach tennis a go? Get your friends and family together and find opportunities to play on the following websites! 





Tennis Xpress

Learn the basics with a six-week coaching course - Tennis Xpress is all about meeting other players and having fun!


Padel is a rapidly growing sport across Europe, it is played on an enclosed court about a third of the size of a tennis court.

Pair & Play

Pair & Play is doubles tennis with double the fun. Held weekly, the programme is designed to help women improve their skills and confidence on the court.