Tennis Equipment Guide

Find out what tennis equipment is best to use for your game as well as advice around the different types of tennis rackets, grip sizes, clothing and shoes.

Tennis equipment is available in all good sports stores and large supermarkets, but you can also buy it online; we recommend our British Tennis Shop for all your tennis needs, and some great deals if you're a British Tennis Member


It is important to use a racket that is the right size in length and grip to ensure comfort whilst playing. The right racket specifications will also allow for the best development possible, whatever the standard or age. Below is the recommended racket length for different age categories:


  • 8 years & under: 17"-23"
  • 8-9 years: 23"-25"
  • 9-10 years: 25"-26"
  • 10 years and over: 26"-27"
  • Adults: 27"

Grip sizes for rackets

Another great way to see if a racket is the correct size is to hold it down to the ground, the racket should not be touching the ground with a straight arm but should only just be above the floor.

There are different grip sizes ranging from 0 to 5. There are no grip sizes for rackets under 27" but for full length rackets (27"), a junior would usually have grip size 0 or 1. Women usually have grip size 1, 2 or 3 and men usually have grip size 3, 4 or 5.

There is a simple way to test that you have the  right grip size – when you hold the handle, there should be a 1cm gap between your thumb and first finger. In other words, you should be able to slide the forefinger of your free hand between the tips of your fingers and your thumb.

If the grip isn’t quite the right size then you can buy an overgrip to put over the top which will enlarge the grip size slightly.


There are several different types of balls which cater for all ages. Below is a breakdown of what tennis balls are suitable for which age groups and how they are designed differently to support all stages of development.


Mini tennis balls are for junior players and are made from softer materials. There are three types of mini tennis balls and they are all pressurised differently to support the development of junior players. Below are details of all three types and what groups they are suitable for:

  • Mini red balls: 8 years & under
  • Mini orange balls: 8-9 years
  • Mini green balls: 9-10 years


Adult players usually play with the standard tennis balls which are pressurised. They are made with thin rubber balls and internal pressure to ensure a consistent bounce. These balls do lose pressure over time so they do need changing regularly depending on their use.


If you are not familiar with what type of clothing and footwear to wear on court when playing tennis, here is a short guide on recommendations for what can be the most beneficial.


Comfortable clothing is really important for when getting on court and playing tennis. Generic sports clothing is often the best apparel to play in as the material will usually provide stretch and support whilst being breathable.


You can play tennis in whatever trainers you are comfortable in. However tennis trainers are designed to cater for the quick changes in direction, offer suitable support and don't damage courts.

Where can I play?

There are many opportunities to play tennis all over the country, whether you just want a hit at your local court or if you want to improve through a programme.

Find your nearest tennis court!

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