Professional & financial tennis player support

Professional and financial support is provided to high performing tennis players. The following outlines the ways in which the current and up-coming British tennis players are supported.

2019 Player support update

The highest level of support available is allocated to players achieving the competing at the very highest level internationally for their age-group. These players receive a 12 month funding agreement and are supported through funding for their coaching and access to the National Tennis Centre.

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Tournament Bonus Scheme

The Tournament Bonus Scheme (TBS) aims to reward tennis players competing in Futures and Challenger tours. This scheme is open to any player not already in receipt of a PSP player funding agreement.

To find out more, please read the 2019 Tournament Bonus Scheme document.

Download the LTA Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure.


SportsAid, supported by Sport England, is the UK’s leading charity who receives funding from its partners, donors and fundraisers to financially support the next generation of young and aspiring athletes, during the defining early years of their careers.

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