National Academies

What's the purpose of this programme?

  • To create a pro-style training environment that provides the volume, intensity and frequency needed for aspiring professional players
  • To nurture the person and the player to develop a game style with the head, heart, legs and weapons required for success
  • To increase the likelihood of players making the standard for Pro Scholarship Programme selection

Who's it for?

National Academies are for players aged 13 to 18 (although some players may join from age 11 in exceptional circumstances).

Selection for National Academies is exclusive – the maximum number of players in each National Academy will be capped at 16.

What will this programme be like?

  • National Academies will provide high quality, high intensity daily training environments with world class science and medicine support
  • They will be led by a team of world class coaches together with specialist sport scientists, medics, personal development and welfare practitioners
  • Players will develop the weapons, decision making skills, athleticism and resilience that underpins a world class game style, and are required to successfully develop into emerging tour professionals
  • National Academies will deliver a comprehensive tournament schedule that’s right for the age and stage of the player
  • National Academies will operate full-time, year round,  in partnership with a local school

How do players get involved?

From September 2019 there will be two National Academies; Loughborough University and Tennis Scotland at the University of Stirling.

Download the map to see the locations of these centres

Download the National Academy player selection policy for information on the selection process and criteria. All shortlisted players will be notified in writing by March 1, 2019.