Road to Wimbledon Tennis Challenge (club/park/school)

The Road to Wimbledon supported by Slazenger 14U Challenge is a unique competition providing an opportunity for venues to engage and inspire their 14U pupils/players. By entering the tournament and staging an event venues can give their players the chance to qualify to compete on the grass courts at Wimbledon.

The first stage of the competition takes place in a club/park/school and organisers can choose a format relevant to their venue to deliver a fun, sociable competition for players rated 7.1-10.2 or un-rated.

The winners of these events will then progress to their County Finals. County Final winners are then invited to compete in the National Finals at Wimbledon in August. 

Eligibility & Events

The competition is open to LTA registered venues, as well as Schools in England, Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. There are separate events for girls and boys. Players must be 14 & under (born 1 January 2007 – 31 December 2010) and must be rated 10.2 - 7.1 or have no rating as of 1 March 2021. In addition, School venue players must be in Year 7, 8 or 9.

The players LTA Rating as of 1 March 2021 will determine which pathway they compete in.

Players may only enter one Road to Wimbledon event in 2021 (a player can only compete in one ‘venue’ event and cannot play in both the venue stage and the International pathway). Players must also have played at National/International Finals no more than twice.

Format – Venue Stage

This is a competition to inspire and engage 14&U players. Organisers can choose a format relevant to their venue, however, we recommend delivering the event over half, one or two days using an abbreviated format such as fast4 or Timed Tennis. The key is to create a fun, sociable competition for players.

Further information on suggested formats is available in the Organiser Guide which will be sent to organisers in March to all venues that have entered to stage an event.

Venue events must take place between 1 March and 6 June 2021.

Venue stage events will be graded 7.

County Finals

The girl and/or boy winner(s) of your venue event will be invited to the County Finals on 10 - 11 July (Note, County Finals in Scotland will take place on 19 - 20 June).

(There is flexibility for counties to change this date and where this happens players will be communicated to in good time).

County Finals will be graded 4. Click here to view the 2021 County Finals dates.

National Finals

The girl and boy winner of each County Final will be invited to play at Wimbledon from 8 - 14 August in the National Finals. (An additional four lucky losers from the County Finals will also be invited to the National Finals).

The National Finals will be graded 3.

All finals competitors will receive a Road to Wimbledon souvenir, an invitation to the Players Party, Wimbledon Museum voucher, organised Tours of the Grounds and daily accommodation/meal allowance.

Entry Fee

Clubs and parks are required to pay an entry fee to stage an event. The entry fee is £15 for the girls or boys event, or £25 total if entering both the girls and boys events. Payments to be made online at the time of entry.

There is no entry fee for schools to stage an event, however you must still enter online to ensure you receive your organiser pack.

Entries open in February 2021.

Enter by 28 March and receive your pack w/b 12 April.
Enter by 25th April and received your pack w/b 4th May.

No entries will be accepted after 25 April - this will then be too late to run a Road to Wimbledon competition.


Benefits for Organisers

  • Receive a free organiser pack to help you stage your event
  • The winner (and possibly the runner-up) of your event to represent your venue at the County Finals
  • The organiser (and guest) invited to Wimbledon to watch the National Finals in August. 

Benefits for Players

  • Compete in a fun, social competition at your venue specifically for 14U players
  • Be part of the biggest tennis tournament in the UK
  • All players receive a Wimbledon certificate and prize for competing in their venue event
  • Opportunity to qualify for your County Finals and then progress to play in the National Finals on the grass courts at Wimbledon
  • Fantastic prizes on offer at the National Finals.