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Andy Murray hitting a backhand at the Lexus Surbiton Trophy
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New series of Inspired by...: Analysis of British stars and coaching tips to improve your game


Welcome to the brand new episoides of Inspired by, our Advantage exclusive series giving you an insight into how the pros compete at the top level.

Every week, we join our team of LTA expert analysts and coaches to breakdown the pros performances at our summer tournaments and give you tips on how to apply their skills to your game.

Our first episode of the new series kicks off with insighs into Andy Murray, Katie Boulter and Ryan Peniston's movement at the Lexus Surbiton Trophy - with some expert advice on how you can move better on court.

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How to approach the net like Andy Murray

Here's an episode from last year to give you an idea of what you can expect. Here's how you can approach the net like Andy Murray.

How to approach the net like Andy Murray | Best of Inspired by 2022 | LTA
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