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17 - 23 June 2019

Fever-Tree Championships

The Queen's Club

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Please see below for on the day information to make your visit to the Fever-Tree Championships as enjoyable as possible! 


Accessibility Statement

A key objective for all of us at the Fever-Tree Championships is to ensure that the event is as welcoming, inclusive and accessible as possible, working within the restrictions of a temporary outdoor venue.

We would appreciate your co-operation in meeting specific requirements and ask that you inform us immediately by emailing feedback@queenstennis.info if you require additional facilities or any other personal requirements and we will always do our best to accommodate them. 


Unfortunately, wheelchair hire is not available at the tournament but there are provisions for foldable wheelchairs.

Foldable wheelchairs can be left onsite but storage must be reserved a week in advance of your visit as space is limited. Wheelchairs are left at the owner’s own risk and no other items can be left with them. Please email feedback@queenstennis.info for more information.

Accessible Toilets

Accessible toilets are available at three locations within the grounds.

Please refer to the grounds map or ask an Event Steward on site for more information.

Assistance Dogs

Registered guide dogs are permitted within the grounds, but are not allowed into the grandstand seating. Those wishing to access Centre Court and/or Court 1 with their registered guide dog should buy a ticket for the wheelchair seating area.

Hearing Induction Loops

Hearing Induction Loops are available to those with hearing aids fitted with a ‘T’ switch, for use on Centre Court and Court 1. For more information contact feedback@queenstennis.info or speak to an Event Steward on site.

Cash Machines

There are no cash machines located within the grounds. The nearest cash machine is close to Barons Court Underground station, within McColl's convenience store on Margravine Gardens. There is also a further cash machine a short walk away, outside Hammersmith and West London College, Barons Court, London W14 9BL.

The majority of outlets within the grounds will accept credit card payment.

Conditions of Entry

Please note that enhanced security measures, including bag inspections and wand searches, will be in operation at entrances to the grounds. These may slow down entry.

Spectators may bring food into the grounds, along with non-alcoholic drinks in non-glass containers.

Due to licensing laws, no alcohol may be brought onto site and any that is will be confiscated and handed to security staff for disposal before entry can be granted.

Spectators are prohibited from bringing in the following:

  • Any item which may be interpreted as a potential weapon, including sharp or pointed objects (e.g. knives, large corkscrews), glass bottles, pyrotechnics and 'personal protection' sprays.
  • Bags larger than 16’’ x 12’’ x 12’’ (40cm x 30cm x 30cm).
  • Drones, large flags (max. 2’x2’/60cm x 60cm) banners, rattles, klaxons, oversized hats or any items causing an obstruction or nuisance.
  • All promotional, commercial, political or religious items of whatever nature, including but not limited to banners, signs, symbols, marketing materials and leaflets (unless expressly authorised by the LTA).
  • Spectators are advised that the use of professional video equipment is not permitted on site.
  • Flash photography and the use of laptops are forbidden in the vicinity of the courts and in the grandstand seating.
  • Photographic equipment with lenses of more than 300mm, when extended, is not permitted on site.

View the full 2018 Conditions of Entry

Courtside Etiquette

To ensure players and fans have the best possible experience at the Fever-Tree Championships, we have set the following guidelines for when you are in and around the courts:

  • Please keep noise to a minimum during play
  • Please do not leave your seat until a change of ends
  • Please keep mobile phones switched off in the vicinity of the courts
  • Please be respectful of those around you by ensuring that you do not obstruct their view or cause any unnecessary inconvenience. Flash photography and use of laptops is strictly forbidden in the stands. Photographic equipment with lenses of more than 300mm, when extended, is not permitted on site.

Dress Code

There is no specific dress code at the Tournament, but any casual clothing should be clean and in good repair.

As the Fever-Tree Championships is an outdoor event you are advised to dress appropriately for the elements.

First Aid

St John Ambulance will be on site to provide the first aid and medical provision for Spectators.

The First Aid room is situated in the South Pavilion near the Perham Road entrance. 

Please refer to the grounds map or ask an Event Steward on site for more information.

Grounds Map

Download Grounds Map.

Left Luggage

Unfortunately there is no left luggage facility on site. Spectators may not bring a bag larger than 16” x 12” x 12” (40cm x 30cm x 30cm) into the grounds. For spectator safety all bags are subject to inspection by our security team and are brought to the Tournament at the owner’s risk. Please do not leave any bags unattended, or anywhere they could cause a security scare, and never agree to look after anyone else's bags.

Please note that whilst prams and strollers are permitted into the grounds, they are not permitted in the grandstand seating and cannot be left unattended.

Lost Property

General lost property will be taken to The Queen’s Club Reception. For any items lost in the stands, please ask an Event Steward or visit the Information Point, to the rear of the North Stand.


The Fever-Tree Championships has an official Merchandise Store situated in the South Pavilion which offers a range of clothes, gifts and accessories suitable for fans and players.


Balls used during matches at the Fever-Tree Championships can be purchased from the official Merchandise Store in the South Pavilion.


Official Tournament cushions are for sale and hire and are available from carts around the grounds.


Programmes and Orders of Play are available to purchase from stands around the grounds. Programmes are priced at £10 and Orders of Play at £4.

Please refer to the grounds map or ask an Event Steward on site for more information.

Public WiFi

Free public Wi-Fi hotspots are located in all the cafés and bars at the Tournament.

Search FREE WIFI QUEENS TENNIS to access the Wi-Fi. 


The Fever-Tree Championships is committed to sustainability and we have a number of initiatives to minimise the effect we have on the environment. 


You will find Mixed Recycling bins in all the cafés where you can separate glass, recyclable plastics, cans, paper and cardboard from general waste. 

0% Waste to Landfill

All remaining non-recyclable waste such as coffee cups, food packaging and waste construction materials are sent to a state-of-the-art Energy from Waste facility that can genuinely claim 100% diversion from landfill – this is because all the by-products from the incineration process, like ash and metals, are recovered and used to substitute materials like aggregate in roads or turned into new metal products.

Food waste

Behind the scenes, our caterers separate food waste from the general waste stream and this is sent off-site for conversion by bacteria into electricity and organic fertiliser.  Surplus food is also collected by City Harvest, a charity dedicated to redistributing surplus food to the hungry. To read about their work please visit the City Harvest website.


Spectators wishing to leave and re-enter the grounds will need to collect a wristband from an Event Stewards at one of the entrances before they leave. In order to be re-admitted they will need to show both the wristband and a valid ticket.

Seating Plan

Download the seating plan for further information on Centre Court seating.


The safety and security of everyone involved in the tournament are very important to us. Our security plans are regularly reviewed to ensure they remain in line with the latest threat level and recommendations from the Metropolitan Police and our security advisors.

We have a range of measures in place to keep you safe and secure. These include extensively trained security staff, bag and wand searches, search dogs and monitored CCTV, as well as other less visible measures.

During the tournament, we would ask everyone arriving to remain patient, follow the instructions given by our Security Stewards and allow plenty of time for entry checks. Don’t risk bringing items or baggage which won’t be allowed into the grounds. You can find full details of prohibited items in the terms and conditions. Please check our official social media channels and website for further updates and information before your visit.

Our Event Stewards are spread all over the tournament grounds. They are there to help you enjoy your visit and keep you safe. They are always on the look-out for people who need assistance, so they may pop up to say hello if you look lost.

We are also working closely with the Metropolitan Police to deliver a safe and secure event. Don’t be surprised if you see police officers when you visit us. Feel free to speak to them if you have any concerns or just to say hello.

We hope you have a fantastic day at the Fever-Tree Championships, but if you do see something which doesn't look right please tell the closest Steward or police officer who will be more than happy to help.

Smoking Area

Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is only permitted within the grounds at the two designated smoking areas. 

Please refer to the grounds map or ask an Event Steward on site for more information.


Our Event Stewards are present throughout the tournament grounds. They are there to help you find your way around, provide any information you need to enjoy your visit and to keep you safe. They are always on the look-out for people who may need assistance, so don’t be surprised if they pop up to say hello if you look lost.  Please do ask them if you need any assistance.

Ticket Purchase & Collection

Ticket Purchase

To buy tickets on the day please visit the Official Box Office at the Palliser Road Entrance.

Tickets bought and sold from or by an unauthorised agent or individual above face value are in breach of our terms and conditions and therefore the tickets may be cancelled and you will not gain entry into the grounds.

Ticket Collection

To collect pre-purchased tickets please visit the Official Box Office at the Perham Road Entrance.

Both Box Offices open at 10:30am daily from Monday to Friday and at 11am on Saturday and Sunday.

For more information please visit our Ticket FAQs.


Toilets are located in the Court 1 Pavilion, the North Pavilion, the South Pavilion and within the South Stand tunnel.

There are three accessible toilets in the grounds, located adjacent to the Palliser Road entrance, in the South Pavilion Café and in the South Stand tunnel.

Please refer to the grounds map or ask an Event Steward on site for more information.

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