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Team Challenge

Team Challenge is a fun, team competition aimed at mini and junior players in club programmes who are new or inexperienced to competition. The competition offers flexible event and scoring formats in addition to a number of fun prizes and giveaways to maximise the experience for the players on the day. All formats are team based and matches do not count for ratings and rankings.

Find out more below on how Team Challenge works, the role of the Cluster Organiser and what support is provided.

How does Team Challenge work?

Team challenge is organised by a local cluster organiser (e.g. coach, competition organiser, club volunteer) at an LTA Registered Venue. The cluster organiser invites local venues within approximately 30 minutes to take part in a recreational team competition which is held on one day over an approximate three hour period. The cluster organiser decides on the entry fee per player or per team and keeps all entry income.

When does Team Challenge take place?

The competition begins in September 2016 as an extended pilot from some initial trials during the winter 2015-16. Events take place at a time and date to suit the cluster. Each cluster organiser is asked to consider existing local competitions that may be taking place such as county & district leagues to avoid any potential clashes.

Each cluster organiser is expected to run a minimum of one event during each school term. For example, a cluster may choose to run a mixed orange ball event in the autumn term and run Junior events for Boys and Girls aged 11-14 in the spring term.

What is the role of a Cluster Organiser and how do I become one?

The cluster organiser co-ordinates a number of local venues to deliver the Team Challenge.

The organiser can decide on gender (Boys, Girls or Mixed), age group, event format and scoring format based on local demand (e.g. Girls only event for 15-18 year olds). Format options are flexible and matches do not count for ratings and rankings.

LTA Regional Teams in England, Scotland and Wales are currently identifying Cluster Organisers with events starting in September 2016. If you’re interested in becoming a Cluster Organiser contact the competition team at

What resources & support does a Cluster Organiser receive?

Full support is available to each cluster organiser through the LTA Competitions team and Regional teams. Confirmed cluster organisers will receive a competition pack prior to their event(s) which includes a detailed cluster organiser guide, a small number of free tennis balls, drawsheets, certificates, prizes/giveaways and even a competition organiser hoody.

Note: A court grant of £100 will be offered to indoor venues who run an indoor Team Challenge event between 1 November 2016 and 28 February 2017. Exception: indoor venues hosting a red ball event during this period will receive a court grant of £50.