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Players practicing across four hard courts at the US Open

What is Clean Sport? 

Clean Sport is a sport without doping. We all have a responsibility within tennis to protect our sport from doping. The LTA Anti-Doping Programme includes a combination of education and deterrence activities aimed at supporting clean players and their support personnel, and to deter and catch those who cheat.

The LTA Anti-Doping programme 

The LTA is committed to promoting and protecting clean tennis. We recognise the contribution that sport can make to health, national pride and social development when supported by a strong ethical and moral environment.

At the LTA our clean sport mission is:

To promote a ‘Clean Tennis’ culture and environment at all levels in British tennis, and to protect the rights of players and their support personnel to play and compete clean.

Governance & regulation

The LTA Rules set out our objectives and how we run our affairs.

Clean sport

Tennis Scotland believes in clean sport and the principles of athletes being able to say, it is ‘100%me’.

How to start competing

Find out more information about playing tennis competitively, get some advice from the LTA on how to find and enter recreational tennis competitions across the UK.