Our vision & values

Our mission and vision

These three words are at the heart of our vision for the future and is at the centre of our decision-making process. We have the focus and determination that, coupled with the support of everyone in tennis, will really make a difference.

We developed our programme with the help of a wide range of people representing all aspects of the game. It’s based on seven core strategies:

1. Visability

Broaden relevance and increase visibility of tennis all year round to build engagement and participation with fans and players.

2. Innovation

Innovate in the delivery of tennis to widen its appeal.

3. Investment

Support community facilities and schools to increase the opportunities to play.

4. Accessibility

Make the customer journey to playing tennis easier and more accessible for anyone.

5. Engagement

Engage and collaborate with everyone involved in delivering tennis in Britain, particularly coaches and volunteers, to attract and maintain more people in the game.

6. Performance

Create a pathway for British champions that nurtures a diverse team of players, people and leaders.

7. Leadership

Lead tennis in Britain to the highest standard so it is a safe, welcoming, well-run sport.

The values that guide us

We believe in igniting ambition everywhere; within our people and across the country. How we interact and work is key in how we reach our goal.

To ensure we drive forward together with the same beliefs and principles, we have five values that guide us towards our vision:

An icon showing the LTA values of excellence, inclusion, teamwork, passion and integrity

The values that guide us

We want to support as many people as possible to play their part in our movement. Big thinkers, team players, ambitious hearts, tennis fans and non-fans, together we can grow a sport that will change lives.

We’re turning our vision into reality, opening up tennis for the good of everyone.