County Tennis for Seniors

Across Wales Seniors i.e. those over 35 are involved in county competition. The over 35’s
mens and ladies from both north and south Wales compete, over a weekend in the summer,
for the LTA county cup. Four years ago, under the captaincy of Jo Thomas, the south wales
ladies 35 team were overall winners.

Elsewhere, seniors compete in a variety of different age groups from over 40 to over 70.
Some notable successes in recent years have been the men's over 50 team and the ladies
over 40 team. Whilst the pandemic put county aspirations on hold last year a modified
county competition is being organised for 2021. It will minimise travelling and in most cases
the need for overnight stay whilst ensuring seniors are able to play a high competitive
standard. The season has been extended into late autumn giving teams a greater degree of

Updates on the performance of the county teams will be posted here. If you would be interested in representing Wales in your age group, please email Mark Lewis on  

Team and age group Team Captain

South Wales Ladies 35 Team - Julie Sinkin
North Wales Ladies 35 Team - Claire Bennett
South Wales Mens 35 Team - Craig Evans
North Wales Mens 35 Team - Simon Morris

South Wales Ladies over 40 Team - Laura Davies
North Wales Ladies over 40 Team - Jo Macrae
South Wales Mens over 45 Team - Kevin Hong

South Wales Ladies over 50 Team - Kate Johnston
South Wales Mens over 50 Team - Simon Richards
South Wales Ladies over 55 Team - Robyn Dow
South Wales Mens over 55 Team - Geoff Muxworthy

South Wales Ladies over 60 Team - Jane Allen
North Wales Ladies over 60 Team - Deborah King
North Wales Men over 60 Team - Alan Hewitt
South Wales Ladies over 65 Team - Freda Emery
South Wales Men over 65 Team - David Byfield

South Wales Ladies over 70 Team - Alice Garlick
South Wales Men over 70 Team - David Stillman
North Wales Men over 70 Team - Malcolm John