Club Committees & Volunteers

Every successful tennis club needs great people to run it, whether they are volunteers or are paid. In fact there are over 25,000 people volunteering throughout the year, opening tennis up across the country. It is vital that volunteers are supported from recruitment and training to how they are recognised and retained.


It’s important to recruit people with the right skills and motivations for the right role, as set out in your role descriptions and the outline mission of the club. 

Our Resources Library has template Role Descriptions, Volunteer Agreements, and an Induction Checklist.

Our Safeguarding guidance provides advice on recruiting volunteers safely, including DBS checks.

Supporting and Retaining Volunteers

Volunteering should be enjoyable and made to be as easy as possible. It’s therefore critical to properly look after club volunteers, ensuring they have the right training and support, and their contributions are valued.

Training courses provided by the LTA, such as Competition Organiser, First Aid and Safeguarding workshops can be found in the Coach & Teach section of our website. 

Recognition can be done both formally and informally. The LTA Tennis Awards are one great way of recognising the contributions of volunteers. For more information, and to nominate, visit the LTA Tennis Awards section of our website. 

The LTA’s self-service guide provides advice around recruiting and retaining volunteers.