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The top three photos from Great Britain’s Davis Cup win

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  • 27/11/2020

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Great Britain vs Belgium. Ghent. 2015. So many great moments with some many memorable images.

Getty Images photographer Jordan Mansfield covered Great Britain throughout their 2015 Davis Cup run – here he selects his three favourite photos from the final.

Andy and Jamie Murray in perfect symmetry at the Davis Cup final in 2015

1)     Andy and Jamie in sync

“This is my favourite picture from covering the Davis Cup. I got a highly commended award from the Sports Journalists Assocation for this in 2015 and it is probably one of my favourite sports pictures I’ve taken. There’s an incredible symmetry. I could shoot tennis for the rest of my life and never get a picture this perfect. You’ve got Andy, right-handed, leaning in for a backhand and you’ve got Jamie, left-handed, leaning in for a backhand and the ovals of their rackets perfectly cross over with the ball almost slap bang in the middle. There’s a bit of luck involved, but you still have to be in the right place to shoot it and it’s one of those frames which is a once in a lifetime picture. To take this picture at such a crucial time in such a crucial match in the Davis Cup final, I feel really lucky to have this picture.”

Andy Murray is held aloft after Great Britain win the Davis Cup in 2015

2)     Team celebrations

“This is from probably the best moment of my sports photography career. Shortly after Andy lobbed David Goffin to win Great Britain the Davis Cup the whole team, in pure elation, have ran on to the court and lifted him up on to their shoulders, with Andy throwing his arms up into the air. He’s coming out of this sea of team mates and it is utter emotion, elation and jubilation – an incredible sporting moment to capture.”

The Great Britain backroom staff celebrate after winning the 2015 Davis Cup

3)     Winning moment – mixed reactions

“We managed to get permission to attach a little camera to the underside of the stairs of the umpire’s chair – for a view across the team bench. Normally we are sat across to shoot the team – which means you’re quite far away – but this allowed us to have a unique view of the team. This photo is from the match-winning moment where the whole team jumps up, except for Matt Little (strength and conditioning coach). I’m not quite sure why! But everyone in the team has jumped up instead of him. It’s an incredible picture from a unique angle I haven’t seen before.