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The Great Britain team after winning the 2015 Davis CupIt is five years on from Great Britain’s history-making Davis Cup win - doesn’t it feel like yesterday?

We wanted to hear from you and your memories from the whole campaign. Thanks to all the LTA Members who sent in their submissions – here’s a collection of our favourites:

Nicola  Letham: My first Davis cup tie was GB v USA. The doubles OMG Jamie and Dom vs the Bryan bros in a five-set rollercoaster. Then joining the ‘Murraynator’ group to support our boys all over the world! Hair prickles on the back of my neck as I remember us all singing ‘I would walk 500 miles’ as the team enter…

Meg Macpherson: I applied to be an ambassador for the semi-finals, but was unsuccessful. I then got an email asking me to submit a 30 second video of myself singing ‘there's only one Andy Murray’ to the tune of Winter Wonderland. After that I was awarded a ticket to be a part of the Glasgow Barmy Army! From there I was successful in the ballot for tickets to Ghent and the rest, as they say, is history!!

A group of British fans at the Davis Cup

Jo Barber: We bumped into Judy Murray after the doubles with Australia to be told, "I'm going to the bar, my sons are driving me to drink!"

Monica Macdonald: I still can't believe how lucky I was and over the moon to get a photo with Andy just as he finished his warm up on court before the final on the Sunday. He was so chilled and lovely to take the time on such an iconic day.

Rachel Homewood: I was in the crowd among the Belgium supporters. I remember the elation as the fact that we had won sank in. When we got back to our hotel to see the Davis Cup was in the foyer – magic.

A group of British fans at the Davis Cup

Ruth Shaw: I was living just outside London but a friend and I went on a Christmas shopping trip to Dallas in the US. I don’t think the locals in the Cheesecake Factory could understand this Scot from Kilsyth, hometown of Andy’s dad, shouting ‘gaun  yersel......’ at THAT lob.....

Rosemary Stockman: I am one of a very few patients to survive gallbladder cancer. I was admitted into hospital for surgery in October of 2015 and to my delight I had a personal TV by my bed.  I said to a nurse assigned to me that I was going to watch Andy play in the GB Davis Cup team. He told me he hadn’t a clue what I was talking about! He was a rugby player and had no interest whatsoever in tennis. Anyhow this nurse was off for a couple of days and when he came back on duty he told me he was curious about what I’d said and he’d watched every minute and that he was now hooked on tennis. I was so pleased and at the same time delighted to have some wonderful tennis to watch while I recovered!

Sheila  Ward: My husband and I were at the final of the Davis Cup in Belgium. We had followed the tour for the whole year and usually sat in a group of Brits, the ‘Murraynators’. But the day of the final match our tickets separated us from the rest of the group and we sat alone, the two of us in the middle of the Belgian camp. This did not interfere with our vocal effects and although we were outnumbered we made ourselves heard above the opposition.

A group of British fans at the Davis Cup

Cate Goodwin: My husband and I were visiting the Imperial War Museum in London. I was following the match on my phone but when I realised we were near victory I found a quiet place on the stairs in the museum and watched it live. Much to the surprise of the other visitors I yelped with joy when he struck the winning shot. I got some funny looks but everyone was thrilled when I told them the reason for my “yelp!”

Jill Hughes: The organisers were giving red tee shirts away for free and it seemed everyone  in the stadium had taken up the offer to  wear them. My sister and I were part of a small number of Brits (who had paid for their teeshirts) and we were totally outnumbered.  From the first thrilling rally the noise in the stadium was incredible. After three games, I turned to my sister and said I didn't  think my nerves could stand it. She laughed and told me 'to gie it laldy' and so we cheered our hearts out until that final lob where the stadium was silenced. A gentleman from Belgium turned to us, quietly shook his head, smiled and said: 'genius.'

Tim Record: I watched it in a bar in Ghent near the Cathedral with a group of fellow Brits who hadn't managed to get tickets; all three days. This involved quite a lot of drinking coffee during the lunchtime and beer during the evening ones. We were all seated on bar stools and the owners had gone to a lot of trouble to make us feel at home with union flags on our side of the room and Belgian tricolours on the other. There were quite a few locals and everything was well behaved and civilised although we were making quite a lot of noise! When the winning shot went in we all went up together, jumped (or fell in my case) off the bar stools and I finished up on the floor (and this was before we'd started on the beer) I have this abiding memory of everyone else dancing around me on the floor!

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