29 August - 11 September 2022

US Open

Flushing Meadows, USA

US Open – 29 August - 11 September 2022

Vote: Who are your US Open fashion icons?

  • 10/09/2020

  • US Open

Since the late 80s and early 90s, the US Open has hosted some of the most memorable and controversial tennis kits of all time. At the final slam of the year, players and sports brands alike take the opportunity to tap into the New York culture and design all manner of bright and vibrant outfits.

Andre Agassi was one of the fore-fathers of this growing trend, breaking the boundaries of what a tennis player should look like with his classic combinations of neons, in a way that hadn't been seen before. Since then, we've seen all kinds of fashion designs, from Serena's black studs and boots in 2004 to Fabio Fognini's stars and stripes last year.

Take a look a look through some of the all-time great US Open outfits and choose your favourite fashion icons:


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