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Billie Jean King Cup by Gainbridge

La Cartuja Stadium, Seville, Spain 13 - 20 November 2024

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Katie Boulter celebrating in a tennis match
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Live Updates



  • Great Britain took on Mexico in a best-of-five-match contest over two days at the National Tennis Centre.
  • Great Britain beat Mexico 3-1 to secure a spot in the 2022 Billie Jean King Cup Finals qualifiers
  • Katie Boulter defeats Giuliana Olmos 6-4, 6-1 in a fantastic performance to seal the tie
  • Heather Watson loses to Marcela Zacarias 6-3, 7-6 (1) in the first match on day two
  • Boulter and Watson both won their singles matches on day one to give Great Britain a 2-0 lead - read more about yesterday's action here.
  • Find out more about what's at stake this week with our event guide and watch the match live here.
  • Find out more about Team Great Britain here.
  • Find out more about Team Mexico here.

Game-by-game updates from each match
Katie Boulter vs Giuliana Olmos


Set 2

Boulter 6 - Olmos 1: Unplayable. Fantastic performance from Boulter as she seals Great Britain's place in the 2022 Billie Jean King Cup Finals qualifiers with a stunning backhand winner on match point. The Brits take the tie 3-1 against the Mexicans.

Boulter 5 - Olmos 1*: Another hold to love and the writing seems to be on the wall here. Boulter finishes the game with a classic one-two punch off the serve and she continues to dominate in all areas of the court. Olmos to serve to stay in the match.

Boulter *4- Olmos 1: Signs of life from Olmos who takes her first game of the second set. She fights hard to get to an early lead in the game and despite a firey return from Boulter she finishes the game with a kicker ace out wide.

Boulter 4 - Olmos 0*: More of the same from Boulter who just looks so deadly on every point at the moment. More big serving from the Brit and Olmos is struggling to find the answers here.

Boulter 3* - Olmos 0: It really is world-class from Boulter. She whips an unbelievable forehand winner crosscourt at 15-15 and follows it up with an outrageous backhand to set up two break points. Olmos looking a little stunned here as the Brit completes the double break.

Boulter 2 - Olmos 0*: Eight points in a row for Boulter as she really seems to have reached another gear in this one. Olmos deparately trying to stay in the rallies, but the Brit's groundstrokes are hitting just the right spot every time.

Boulter 1* - Olmos 0: Boulter's heavy hitting starting to tell here as the Brit comes out in the second set all guns blazing. Wicked forehands out wide, brilliant backhands down the line - there's not much Olmos can do. Absolutely faultless from the Brit as she takes an early break in this all-important match for Great Britain.


Set 1

Boulter 6 - Olmos 4*: First set to Boulter. The Brit's first serve really putting Olmos on the defensive at the end of this set and three more big first serves in this game set up two set points. Olmos ripples the net cord on the return at 40-30 to seal the opener.

Boulter 5* - Olmos 4: Boulter gets off to a speedy start setting up two set points - but a superb volley and deadly second serve keeps the Mexican in the game. Another break point comes and goes and out of nowhere, Olmos manages to hold her nerve and win the game. Boulter will now serve for the first set.

Boulter 5 - Olmos 3*: That will help settle the nerves - Boulter takes a commanding hold late in the first set. The Brit's first serve coming into it's own in that game - three big serves in a row puts her right on the front foot, and she is able to dictate her opponent from there.

Boulter 4* - Olmos 3: Another break from Great Britain. A beautifully arching forehand clips the back of the line to set up 15-30. Two fierce backhands from the Brit finishes off the game to take the lead. Boulter has now won eight of the last nine points on her opponent's serve.

Boulter 3 - Olmos 3*: Great toughness from Olmos to bounce straight back with a break of her own to love. Boulter misses a couple forehands to set up a quick game for the Mexican as she levels the scores once again.

Boulter 3* - Olmos 2: Boulter takes the first break of the match. The British star really starting to ramp up the pressure now as she works Olmos from side to side on 0-30 before letting rip on a massive forehand winner. She completes the break to love with Olmos' passing shot landing wide of the tramline.

Boulter 2 - Olmos 2*: Relentless hitting from Boulter. Olmos does everythng she can and more to force the Brit to make a mistake but it's too good from the 24-year-old. A costly error on a backhand drive volley from Olmos gifts Boulter game point, which she seals with an ace.

Boulter 1* - Olmos 2: Olmos continues to soak up the pressure really well against the onslaught of power from the Brit. A wonderful forehand winner from Boulter is then met by three unanswered points for the Mexican to hold.

Boulter 1 - Olmos 1*: Both players look absolutely locked in right now with some high calibre tennis on show. Boulter finds her range on that big forehand of hers and drives a big winner out wide to go 40-30 up but Olmos matches it on the following point to set up deuce. Boulter saves two break points with two huge serves and eventually wraps up the game with a couple of stunning crosscourt winners.

Boulter 0* - Olmos 1: A firey start to the second match of the day. Right from the off Boulter looks to stamp her authority on the match with powerful striking. A thunderous forehand down the line sets up two break points for Boulter but she can't quite find the final winner. Olmos holds on to take the first game.

Heather Watson vs Marcela Zacarias


Set 2

Watson 6 - Zacarias 7: A frustrating tie-break for Watson sees Zacarias take the rubber for Mexico. The Brit got the early mini break, but a series of errors from Watson and a brilliant lob from the Mexican rounded off a strong performance from the World No. 285. Leaving the tie score at 2-1 to Great Britain, with Katie Boulter up next.

Watson 6 - Zacarias 6*: Watson gets unlucky with a drop shot that clips the net cord, allowing her opponent to reach the ball and put it away - but she responds brilliantly. Powerful hitting from the baseline, at the net and on serve rounds off a commanding game.

Watson 5* - Zacarias 6: The break appears to have given Zacarias a new surge of energy. She sprints to a 30-0 lead with a couple of excellently crafted points. Watson shows tough mental strength to will herself back into the game after a couple of lengthy rallies but Zacarias just won't lie down. The Mexican is hitting with incredible consistency at the moment as she takes the lead for the first time in the set.

Watson 5 - Zacarias 5*: Zacarias gets off to a flyer winning a tough opening point and following it up with an outstretched passing shot off a mis-placed Watson drop shot. The Mexican goes on to pick up two break points at 15-40. Watson defends the first well with a big backhand deep cross court, but she can't prevent Zacarias from taking the second to even up the scores.

Watson 5* - Zacarias 4: Gutsy hold from Zacarias who starts the game with a fantastic backhand winner down the line to set the tone. Watson is still relishing the second serve returns but she can't shake off the Mexican who does just enough to force the Brit to serve out the set.

Watson 5 - Zacarias 3*: Watson just one game away from levelling things up after yet another impressive service game. At 0-15 she brings her A-game to win arguably her best point in the match, moving Zacarias from side-to-side before hitting a punishing winner. That set her up to win four points on the bounce to finish the game.

Watson 4* - Zacarias 3: A much needed hold for the Mexican as she let's Watson know she isn't going to fall away lightly. The Mexican comes out on top of a heated rally at 30-15 and forces an error with a first serve out wide.

Watson 4 - Zacarias 2*: Things starting to go Watson's way now as she finds consistency on the first serve, which sets up the point well on a couple of occassions in this game. There has certainly been a swing on the longer rallies as well, as Watson comes through a lengthy point at 30-15. Another big serve and she has a two-game cushion.

Watson 3* - Zacarias 2: Advantage Watson. Zacarias looking slightly flustered after some powerful hitting from the Brit sets her 0-30 down. Watson starting to play further up the court again as she come forward to dispatch the smash and follows it up with a straight winner from the following return.

Watson 2 - Zacarias 2*: A big strike on the forehand from Watson in the first point, sets up a strong hold for the British star. We haven't seen too many mistakes from the Mexican but a flurry of errors gives Watson the quick game she needs.

Watson 1* - Zacarias 2: This match is turning into a real battle, with both players fighting hard to stay in the points. After a couple of early errors, Watson does well to rescue two game points to level it up at deuce, but Zacarias keeps her composure. The Mexican does just enough to hang in, with Watson just missing out on a couple of key short balls.

Watson 1 - Zacarias 1*: With the British team cheering her on from the sidelines, Watson gets a comftable hold in her opening service game of the set. She kick-starts with a brilliant serve and drive volley, which she then backs up by slamming an untouchable first serve out wide. At 30-0 she has the delicate touch to drop her volley just over the net and clinches the game on a Zacarias error. Game on.

Watson 0* - Zacarias 1: Much more like it from Watson who starts the second well, racing to a 0-30 lead, which she then extends to two break points after an uncharacteristic error from the Mexican. Once again, though, a frustrated Watson miscues both of her returns and finds herself back at deuce. In the end it's a strong hold from Zacarias, who seems full of confidence at the moment.


Set 1

Watson 3 - Zacarias 6*: Zacarias clinches the opening set with a break to love on the Watson serve. The Brit's first serve percentage continues to be an issue as Zacarias capitalises and wins the first set. All to do for the British No.2.

Watson 3* - Zacarias 5: A strong hold from Zacarias to seal a two game advantage. Watson misses a key shot out wide at 15-0, which sets up a series of errors from the Brit. Zacarias doing a good job of keeping the ball in play and forcing Watson to push the ball too far. Watson will serve to stay in the set.

Watson 3 - Zacarias 4*: Another break for Zacarias with Watson struggling to find her range on first serve. Zacarias dispatches a second serve down the line to go 0-30 up. Watson just looking a little bit tight in the longer exchanges as Mexico take the lead again.

Watson 3* - Zacarias 3: We're back on level terms. Watson certainly looking more aggressive on the return and making life uncomfortable for Zacarias. A driving forehand out wide at 30-30 and a bit of luck from the net cord sees the momentum swing back to Watson.

Watson 2 - Zacarias 3*: Huge hold for Watson in what felt like a decisive game in the first set. Watson recovered from 15-30, with a big first serve down the middle, followed by another out wide, opening up the court for an easy forehand winner. She clinches the hold with another one-two punch from the serve, with the British star building in confidence.

Watson 1* - Zacarias 3: Watson opens the game with a wonderful drop shot, which bounces just out of reach of her opponent and follows it up two points later with a rocket of a forehand down the line to lead 15-30. But as she did in the opening set against Boulter yesterday, Zacarias has come out firing and is making life uncomfortable for the Brit. She claws it back to 40-30 and stretches Watson out wide to force the error and take the game.

Watson 1 - Zacarias 2*: Both players seemingly struggling to get things going on serve as we have our third break of the match already. Zacarias again punishing the Brit on her second serve at 30-30, putting Watson under great pressure from the back of the court. A double fault from Watson and Zacarias re-takes the lead.

Watson 1* - Zacarias 1: Competitive start to this one. Watson extracts her revenge at the first opportunity to level the scores. The British No.1 having great success attacking the Mexican's serve from the get go - a theme we could see throughout this clash.

Watson 0 - Zacarias 1*: Testing start for Watson who concedes a break in the opening game. The Brit raced to a 30-0 lead but a few errors gave the Mexican the chance to take an early break, which she managed on the first time of asking.

Heather Watson vs Giuliana Olmos


Set 2

Watson 6 - Olmos 1: It's all over and Watson makes it's 2-0 on a brilliant first day for the Brits. After negotiating a tricky opening set she powers through the second set to wrap up victory.

Watson 5* - Olmos 1: Watson in control. After stepping in from the baseline to fire a forehand winner past Olmos and claim a break point, the Brit runs to the net to pick up a drop shot and claim another break of serve.

Watson 4 - Olmos 1*: Superb serving from Watson who hits four un-returnable serves in a row to seal an easy hold. She moves three games clear in the second set.

Watson 3* - Olmos 1: Brilliant from Watson who breaks her opponent again. The highlight of the game coming when Olmos tries to catch her off guard with a drop shot, only for the Brit to sprint in and dig out the ball placing it right on the line across the court for the winner. Watson would let two break points slide before wrapping the game up at deuce after a couple of Olmos errors.

Watson 2 - Olmos 1*: A game of the highest calibre. The pair trade winners to get to deuce before Watson plays a delicate drop shot, followed by a powerful first serve which proves too much for Zacarias, meaning the Brit holds to lead again in the second set.

Watson 1* - Olmos 1: In response Olmos holds serve, but is forced to work hard to do so by Watson. The Mexican saves a break point to take the game to deuce and eventually forces the Brit into an error. 1-1.

Watson 1 - Olmos 0*: It's a good start to the second set for Watson, who holds serve. Olmos tries to go after the second serve of the British player by coming in from the baseline to attack, but Watson fights back with her own aggressive play, wrapping up the game by coming towards the net to whip a series of volleys across court which get Zacarias scrambling.


Set 1

Watson 7 - Olmos 5: Watson takes it right at the end of this first set! Again it's competitive with the game going to deuce but some aggressive returning from Watson is what settles this one - with an excellent forehand cross-court winner handing her the break and the first set.

Watson 6 - Olmos 5*: Watson has been excellent at the net today, and she shows it again here. With the game at 30-15 she charges forward to hit a volley that Olmos can only clip into the air - which she converts to a smash winner. Another hold for Watson and again it's pressure on Olmos to stay in the set.

Watson 5* - Olmos 5: Plenty of noise from Team Mexico as Olmos level matters. She makes Watson come to the net and forces the error to win the game and hold serve - much to the delight of her team mates who are bringing the noise to the National Tennis Centre!

Watson 5 - Olmos 4*: A matter of inches decides this game as Watson holds again. With the game tied at 30-30 Watson comes to the net for a forehand volley winner that just stays inside the far right corner of the court. Watson then apologises when she fires into the net only for it to drop over for another winner. Olmos will serve to stay in the set.

Watson 4* - Olmos 4: Olmos holds again - and she really enjoyed that one! The Mexican is growing into this tie and she's starting to rack up the winners - including at the end of this game where she finds the far right corner with a superb forehand. That was worthy of the huge roar she let out to her team, for sure.

Watson 4* - Olmos 4: Olmos holds again - and she really enjoyed that one! The Mexican is growing into this tie and she's starting to rack up the winners - including at the end of this game where she finds the far right corner with a superb forehand. That was worthy of the huge roar she let out to her team, for sure.

Watson 4 - Olmos 3*: Another competitive game but Watson holds. The pair go toe-to-toe in this one but it's ultimately Zacarias trying to force for a winner at 40-30 which she hits long that ends the game. 4-3 Watson.

Watson 3* - Olmos 3: Huge hold from Olmos. The Mexican holds serve for the first time in the match but again she has to battle back with Watson having two break point chances which she saves. A looping backhand from the Mexican finds the very back of the court and after Watson can't return it's another game to Mexico and 3-3.

Watson 3 - Olmos 2*: Some big hitting from both players as Olmos steals another break from Watson. With the game poised at 30-30 the Brit turns defence into attack by executing a perfectly-judged drop shot that forces the error from Olmos, but the Mexican digs her heels in to take the game to deuce. From there Olmos applies the pressure again, going on to claim the game with a fiecely-hit forehand winner from the back of the court.

Watson 3* - Olmos 1: We know Watson's a brilliant returner of serve, and she's showing it here. The World No. 68 repeatedly pushes the Mexican to the baseline and the pressure proves too much as she breaks again.

Watson 2 - Olmos 1*: Olmos breaks back! The Mexican No.2 fights back, showing her ability as she takes Watson to 15-40 before a Watson double-fault hands her the break.

Watson 2* - Olmos 0: Watson has been immense in the early stages here. She breaks Olmos to love in a game that included two sublime winners - a smash volley and a charge to the net to whip a backhand winner across court. Both will surely make tonight's highlight reels!

Watson 1 - Olmos 0*: Great start from Watson. The British No.2 serves first and wins the first game of the match to love, finishing with an ace that clips the centre line.

Katie Boulter vs Marcela Zacarias


Set 2

Boulter 6 - Zacarias 0: Game. Set. Match. In what was truly a game of two halves (we know this is tennis, not football sorry but we do love a cliché) Katie Boulter gets Britain's first point on the board in this tie with a 7-5, 6-0 victory. Well played, Katie!

Boulter 5 - Zacarias 0*: One game away from the match. A Boulter double-fault gives Zacarias some hope at 30-30 but she responds immediately and finishes the game in style with a beautiful combination of wide crosscourt shots which run Zacarias ragged. We're only 16 minutes into this set, phew!

Boulter 4* - Zacarias 0: Easy as that and Boulter is in complete command of this second set. At 15-40 down the Mexican tries to put the pressure on Katie by charging to the net but is only able to hit a driven Boulter forehand way out. Boulter up a set and a double break.

Boulter 3 - Zacarias 0*: In cruise control. That's another hold of serve to love for Boulter who goes to 3-0 up in this second set without breaking stride.

Boulter 2* - Zacarias 0: Katie's on fire! Another fast start sees the Brit go up 0-40 again and despite Zacarias battling back to 30-40 the Brit claims the first break of the second set with a powerful backhand that causes the Mexican to fall over!

Boulter 1 - Zacarias 0*: A much easier start to the second set for Boulter who wins the first game in two minutes with a hold to love. The Brit charges to a 40-0 lead before winning the game with another smart wide serve-forehand combination that forces Zacarias into another error.


Set 1

Boulter 7 - Zacarias 5: First set Boulter! The Brit gets her own slice of luck as she smashes the net only for the ball to fall over and win her first point of the game. From there, though, the Brit's class shines through as she wins three unanswered points to break again and win the first set 7-5.

Boulter 6 - Zacarias 5*: A gutsy hold from Boulter. At 40-30 down Zacarias takes the game to deuce with a huge slice of luck as she clips the net only for the ball to drop over and settle for an un-returnable drop shot. At deuce Boulter saves two break points before going on to win the game with a huge serve Zacarias can't get near. The Mexican will serve to stay in the match.

Boulter 5* - Zacarias 5: We're level again after Zacarias holds. Boulter pushes for a series of winners but repeatedly hits long - but does force Zacarias into one unforced error with a firecely hit return of serve. Simple enough hold for the Mexican, though. This first set's going down to the wire!

Boulter 5 - Zacarias 4*: Boulter holds. After ending the last game strongly the Brit wins sevens point in a row, moving to a 40-0 lead. Despite allowing Zacarias back into the game with a double fault, once again Boulter's superior strength shines through as she seals a comfortable hold.

Boulter 4* - Zacarias 4: We're level again after another break of serve - this time it comes from the Brit. Boulter's power proves too much for Zacarias and after forcing the Mexican all over the court the Brit bounces back from 0-30 to win the game. 4-4.

Boulter 3 - Zacarias 4*: Momentum shifts back to Zacarias who breaks Boulter again. The Mexican charges to a 40-15 lead and although Boulter whips a crosscourt forehand winner to save one break point Zacarias hits an angled backhand to force Boulter into an unforced error. 4-3 to Mexico.

Boulter 3* - Zacarias 3: Zacarias levels things up. After not winning a point in two games the Mexican player sails to a 40-0 lead. After hitting a forehand long to drop one point Zacarias bounces back to hit a perfectly-placed backhand winner into the far corner that Boulter can only watch in admiration. 3-3.

Boulter 3 - Zacarias 2*: Katie takes the lead for the first time in the match. Growing in confidence, she holds to love and wins the game with two excellent points - a delicate drop shot winner followed by a wide serve-forehand combination. Much more like it from the Brit.

Boulter 2* - Zacarias 2: Let's go Katie! The Brit gets things flowing as she starts to dominate the rallies as Zacarias struggles to push Boulter to the back of the court - giving Boulter more time to dictate play. She breaks the Mexican to love to level the tie.

Boulter 1 - Zacarias 2*: That'll settle the nerves for Boulter. After a pinpoint down the line backhand winner at 30-15 the Brit forces Zacarias to balloon a return of serve, sealing her first game of the match.

Boulter 0* - Zacarias 2: Zacarias holds serve in another even game. The Mexican raced to a 40-0 lead before Boulter won three points on the bounce to force deuce. Boulter is unable to challenge further, though, and after some powerful groundstrokes Zacarias goes 2-0 up.

Boulter 0 - Zacarias 1*: That's the perfect start for Mexico. On serve first, Boulter is forced into a series of lengthy rallies with Mexico's top-ranked player who shows her class early on. At 30-40 Boulter hits a deep forehand into the corner to save the first break point but she is unable to save a second and Zacarias goes up an early break.

The national anthems are over. The players are on court. We're ready to go at the National Tennis Centre!

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