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As tennis and the world around it acclimatizes to the daily life of social distancing, British tennis players are still finding new and wonderful ways to entertain themselves and fans during the unexpected break.

So what have the Brits been up to? Hint: It includes copious amounts of dancing, dogs and drills.

Check out a small snippet of what they have been up to.

1. Work…Work…Work…

Fitness still comes first in the life of a professional tennis player and the Brits are still working hard. This week Liam Broady has shared his workout routine. 

Jonny O’Mara turned the #20TouchChallenge into a tennis drill you can do from home.

 Taking gym buddy to a whole new level - Johanna Konta has been working out at home, with the help of a very special friend…


2. Everyone’s best friend

Having the support from all members of the tennis family is absolutely vital during the break, as Johanna and Bono have proved. Louise Hunt took this to the next level, ensuring that Milo is dressed to the nines.

Meanwhile Katie Boulter and Laura Robson have decided to go into business together…  


3. Work-outs don’t have to be in a gym…

Heather Watson is proving that dancercise is also a great way to keep active.


4. Family first

Jordanne Whiley is getting ready for a big Mother’s Day and melting hearts at the same time by snuggling up with the little one. 


5. The Murray's are coaching on social

Andy is helping his felow professionals in every way he can... even with their hair style. Take a look at the top comment on Stan's post. 

Want to learn how to poach? Well learn from the seven time grand slam doubles champion.

Even his partner is listening.

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