Hybrid Tennis Club Scheme

In order to open tennis up to more people across Wales, we’re committed to investing and support our tennis clubs to grow & retain members, increase participation & become financially sustainable. We’re currently working with the LTA and our local partners in Wales to offer support to tennis clubs looking to expand their offer to the local community.

What is the scheme all about?

We know the vast majority of people wish to play tennis in the summer months. They don’t necessarily want to join one of our tennis club’s straight away, but want to pay & play with their friends or family on well maintained, safe tennis courts that they can book online. This gives them time to learn the game, meet local people playing and try our sport. This scheme aims to work with tennis clubs in Wales, install new technology, signage & marketing and invite thousands of casual players into tennis clubs across Wales. Clubs that are part of this scheme will effectively offer their traditional annual membership, tennis coaching, and the opportunity to pay & play as well. We are seeing that by offering all three options, lots more people are getting involved.

Is this working already?

Cowbridge Tennis Club in Wales have been trialling this project with Tennis Wales for the last 12 months. They’ve not only seen growth in their coaching programme, but club membership has grown 40% from 174 to 245 due to improved signage, marketing and offering pay & play. The Club also now has a database of 120 local people (on top of the 245 members) who are booking courts and simply pay & playing throughout the year, contributing financially to the Club and making great use of the courts when members aren’t playing. You can read about Cowbridge in our latest case study.

Would you like to find out how Tennis Wales could invest and support your venue in a similar way?

If you’re keen to see if this scheme could support you and your tennis club in Wales, then email our team Tenniswales@tenniswales.org.uk