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Tennis Scotland Academy with Jose Higueras (centre), Leo Azavedo (centre left), Blane Dodds (centre right) with Academy players.

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March Newsletter Published March 16th 2021

A message from Blane Dodds Featuring: Updated Covid guidence, AMC Clothing Partnership, Between the Lines, Safeguarding Workshops & Recruitment. View the newsletter here.

November Newsletter Published November 24th 2020

A message from Blane Dodds with information on new webinars and additional information on the opening of venue registration process for 2021. View the newsletter here.

July Newsletter Published on July 17th 2020

Blane Dodds discusses the exit from COVID-19 lockdown and looks to the future with community engagement and additional developments. Additionally, news features on Howden's, Morton of Pitmilly, National Player Programme & Maia Lumsden British Tour success. View the July Q3 newsletter.

Tennis Scotland Vision, Mission & Community Engagement July 7th 2020

You can view the info graphic PDF for Tennis Scotland in realtion to Vision, Mission & Community Engagement which contains Q3 & Q4 information for everyone involved in tennis. Click here to view PDF in your browser.

Tennis Scotland Annual Report 2019 Published on April 24th 2020

Annual report notification with discussion on growth & development, highlighting positive developments for tennis in Scotland. View the Annual Report 2019 newsletter.

April Newsletter Published on April 22nd 2020

Contains information on COVID-19 for players, coaches, clubs, officials and anyone involved in tennis in Scotland. Social media activities whilst in lockdown to keep yourself and others active. Q&A's with Leo Azevedo interviewing former World No.1 Juan Carlos Ferrero. View the April Quarter 2 newsletter.

January Newsletter Published on 31st January 2020

Written by Blane Dodds, Tennis Scotland CEO. Contains information on: GB National Academy, indoor courts, Gleneagles Coaches Conference 2020 & the TS Open Tour. View the January Quarter 1 newsletter.