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Tennis Scotland – Upcoming Webinars

Tennis Scotland is offering a range of webinars and forums to ensure that club coaches, committee members and organisers continue their development and stay connected throughout the winter period. An overview of this week’s webinars can be found below:

Monitoring player development in group training (National Coach Forum)

Karen Ross and Kris Soutar will present an overview of a player development tracker currently being used within LPDC and RPDC programmes. This forum will focus on the core drills section of the tracker. You will see what these drills are, why they are done and footage of players performing the drills. From here, Karen and Kris will put the spotlight on the key training habits being developed through these drills.

Good governance developing an effective plan (National Forum)

An effective strategic plan should be at the heart of any well-run sports club. This webinar aims to set out what constitutes an effective plan, its value, function and who should be involved in the process. We will give you a simple framework to start building out your own plan towards a healthy future.

#WeatherTheCourt (Winter retention programme overview)

Following a surge in participation numbers during the summer, we’re supporting the #WeatherTheCourt campaign to encourage players to keep hitting the courts throughout the harsh winter months. We’ll be inspiring the nation to get on court and to share their own images and videos for the chance to win prizes and rewards - the worse the weather, the better the reward! Join one of the webinars to find out how you can get involved.

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