Club & Coach Relationships

Clubs and coaches are key components of the tennis sector and must work in harmony to deliver coaching programmes that open tennis up across the nation. Successful collaboration creates a positive club culture along with financial gains, and this all starts with understanding the benefits, options and best practice.

Besides choosing the right operating and payment model, clubs and coaches also need to comply with the legalities of staffing and managing coaching programmes. The LTA has produced this practical self-service guide to enable facilities to develop a solid strategy that serves club, coach and community.

This guide provides clubs with the following:

  • Key benefits of clubs and coaches working together
  • Practical guidance that helps clubs to;
    • understand the role of a qualified coach
    • adopt the right operating model
    • be clear around paying coaches
    • appoint the right coach
  • Additional areas of compliance
  • Further support

Key benefits of clubs and coaches working together

A successful coaching programme hinges on collaboration and communication between coach and club.  Working closely together can have a significant impact on delivering tennis, with huge benefits for both parties as well as the local tennis community.

Coaches can play an important role in recruiting new members from the coaching programme, generating additional income for the club

In turn, the club can play an active role in helping to recruit members and new players to join the coaching programme, generating additional income for the coach

The coach often has regular contact with members and players and plays a pivotal role in delivering customer service and establishing the club culture. The coach can therefore keep the club committee informed of member feedback and satisfaction

Armed with this insight, the club and the coach are able to undertake joint marketing and promotion of the coaching programme, creating professional, relevant campaigns whilst reducing costs and duplication.

These are just some of the benefits of coaches and clubs working in unison.

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