Community Tennis

Boy playing tennis during a SERVES session

LTA SERVES Programme

The SERVES Programme is the LTA’s leading sport for development programme, which takes tennis into the heart of local communities to people who may have never picked up a racket or thought tennis was for them.

LTA SERVES Venues are located across England, Scotland and Wales and tennis is delivered in a variety of venues including; Community Centres, Youth Clubs, Mosques, Gurdwaras, Mandirs, Church Halls, Housing Associations and others.

We encourage and engage young people aged 8 – 18 years to get active and involved in tennis – having fun with friends, keeping mentally and physically fit all while learning new skills and increasing their self-confidence. In turn this supports and empowers young people to develop both as an individual and in tennis learning life skills beyond the tennis court.

LTA SERVES Tennis Activators are from the communities that they deliver tennis in and are from a diversity of backgrounds. Volunteers, Leaders, Youth Workers and others (16+) are provided with training and skills required to become a Tennis Activator, enabling them to lead and facilitate tennis sessions confidently to the young people that attend.

Tennis is a sport that everyone can get involved in; we aim to encourage as many communities to participate in playing tennis. We offer opportunities for SERVES Venues to meet and play tennis together and access tennis provision outside of their own community venue.

How to get involved – Contact us! 

Check out our further information below on the SERVES programme to see what we offer and who the programme is aimed at.

If you’re interested in finding out more and/or getting involved, please complete our SERVES Contact Us form here and a member of our team will then be in touch to discuss this further with you.

LTA SERVES Packages – What we can offer you LTA SERVES Packages – What we can offer you addremove



  • Tennis Activator Training
  • LTA SERVES Equipment Bag
  • Access to income generation service
  • Access to Social Change Programme Resources
  • Access to SERVES & She Rallies Workshops
  • Access to other opportunities to play Tennis
  • Deliver a minimum of 36 weeks of Tennis sessions per year
  • Complete 4 surveys per year
  • Tennis Activator Training
  • LTA SERVES Equipment Bag
  • Access to income generation service
  • Deliver a minimum of 12 weeks of Tennis sessions per year
  • Complete 4 short surveys per year

Who can get involved? Who can get involved? addremove

  • Community venues and local organisations that want to deliver the LTA SERVES Programme
  • Regional or National organisations that work with young people and want to deliver the LTA SERVES Programme in the venues part of their network
  • Parents/Guardians or others that attend a local community venue and would like to express an interest on behalf of the venue to deliver the LTA SERVES Programme
  • Individuals (16+) that would like to find out if they can become a Tennis Activator and be introduced to their local SERVES Venue to support delivery of Tennis sessions
  • LTA accredited Coaches (with community experience) that would like express an interest in becoming a LTA SERVES Tutor

LTA SERVES Tennis Activator Training Video LTA SERVES Tennis Activator Training Video addremove

Social Change Programme Social Change Programme addremove

The Social Change Programme is the LTA SERVES flagship initiative; it has been designed in partnership with The Change Foundation and aims to use the power of tennis to positively impact people’s lives, where opportunities in the community are limited.

LTA SERVES Venues can access the below themed games and resources to support their Tennis delivery which includes Social Impact Measurement Tools and Top Tips on how to use these to measure the change with individuals and groups they work with.

Themes available are:


This theme sets out to encourage people to be able to identify and evaluate their personal strengths, set personal goals and challenges to achieve more by developing and understanding the skills they need to build their self-confidence. 

View our Self Confidence Game Cards


This theme will encourage people to develop a positive attitude to regular exercise, a balanced healthy diet and growth mind-set, to develop the knowledge and understanding they need to actively manage and support people in their community to live healthier longer lives.

View our Health Game Cards

Communities Together 

This theme sets out to support people with awareness and understanding of diversity within their community, to embrace and celebrate difference. Modules within this theme discuss and explore faith, ethnicity, generational (age), gender, social networks, discrimination, inclusion, belonging, stereotypes and giving back to the community.

View our Community Game Cards

SERVES Social Change Toolkit 

View our Social Change Programme Creative Reflection Toolkit.