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Running Barclays Free Park Tennis sessions



Play your part in helping people in your community play tennis for free at your local park.

Your support may be the reason why someone picks up a racket for the first time and discovers a new sport for life.

Barclays Free Park Tennis sessions wouldn’t be possible without the incredible work of volunteer activators. These teams work together to plan and lead fun activities on court as well as collaborating with venues and operators to more people get active and enjoy tennis with free weekly sessions.

We’re looking for more people to join their local team of volunteers and help make a difference in the community.

You don’t need to be a coach or even have that much experience playing tennis, anyone can become a Barclays Free Park Tennis Activator – we’ll give you everything you need to succeed.

How to become a Barclays Free Park Tennis Activator

Becoming a Barclays Free Park Tennis Activator is simple and free for you to apply:

  • Click the relevant button below to sign up as a Barclays Free Park Tennis Activator
  • Either create an account or log in add the role to your existing LTA Advantage account
  • Complete the onboarding process
  • Complete your Barclays Free Park Tennis and Safeguarding training and complete your DBS check
  • Get to know all the resources so you're ready to deliver once your sessions are set up

Create your account

If you are already an LTA Advantage member:

Log in and add the role

Need help setting up a role for the first time? Follow along with the instructions in our video tutorial here.  

For full instructions on becoming a Barclays Free Park Tennis Activator, please read our helpful guide.

Log in to your Activator portal

If you're already signed up as a Barclays Free Park Tennis Activator, you can access all your training and resources through our portal.

Log in


Benefits of becoming a Barclays Free Park Tennis Activator

So, what’s in it for you? Here’s just a few of the benefits on offer for our Barclays Free Park Tennis Activators:

  • Free online training – giving you all the knowledge and resources you need to run fun sessions at your local park courts
  • Free tennis equipment – we’ll kit you out with an equipment bag with rackets, balls, markers and everything else you need
  • Free hoodie – once you’ve finished your training we’ll send you a Free Park Tennis hoodie to wear during your sessions
  • Meet new people – in becoming a Barclays Free Park Tennis Activator, you’ll get to meet new people in your team and through the sessions
  • Support – the Operator at your local park courts will support you throughout your time as an Activator with ongoing admin and online sessions
  • Rewarding – running Barclays Free Park Tennis sessions can be incredibly rewarding and you can take great pride in knowing that your work is making a difference to people’s lives

Find out more about Barclays Free Park Tennis

FAQs for Barclays Free Park Tennis activators

Our FAQs answer all the questions you might have before running a Barclays Free Park Tennis session.

Read the FAQs

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