Running a Cardio Tennis session

What will I need to run a Cardio Tennis session?

  • Rackets - People new to tennis might not want to buy a new racket before they start.
  • Balls - Slower balls are essential to the delivery of Cardio Tennis. 
  • Heart rate monitors – Using heart rate monitors will show participants how hard they are working and count how many calories they are burning. 
  • Music – Music adds motivation to your Cardio Tennis class and re-enforces the fact that it is a fitness class rather than a tennis lesson. Please note copyright licenses may be required. Find out more about music copyright licenses.
  • Side-line activity – The more equipment you can bring on to court the better. Agility ladders, cones, medicine balls and skipping ropes are ideal.
  • Medical declaration form - Download the medical declaration form to ensure all participants are ready to play Cardio Tennis.