Become a Cardio Tennis instructor

Why should I become a Cardio Tennis instructor?

Cardio Tennis will help you attract more adults in to your programme by offering a fun, social, high energy group fitness session. As opposed to focusing on technique and tactics Cardio Tennis is about getting your players heart rate up, enabling them to burn calories and hit loads of balls. Cardio Tennis combines music and cardiovascular fitness with tennis adding variety to your programme and improving your coaching skills.

Who can deliver Cardio Tennis?

For insurance and quality purposes, coaches who would like to deliver LTA Cardio Tennis, must complete both the face-to-face and online supplementary unit.

In order to book on to the workshop you must be an LTA Accredited Level 2 Coaching Assistant or above.

Finding a course

Courses are delivered by one of the 12 Coach Development Centres (CDCs). Please find a course through the course search tool here.

Are there Cardio Tennis lesson plans available?

Yes, coaches can view the Cardio Tennis lesson plans on the Coach Secure Area of the LTA website.