How to volunteer in tennis | Tennis in Britain

Current opportunities

You may have been thinking for a while about volunteering but are not quite sure about where to help. Thousands of people get enjoyment from volunteering in tennis every year and you could be one of them!

How you can help as a tennis volunteer

A good starting place is to think about what you could offer as a volunteer. How much time can you commit and would this be seasonal? What skills have you gained through working, family or personal life that could help your local tennis venue or event? Understanding these will help you and the venue to decide the best role for you.

Volunteering at your venue

Your venue may have several volunteer roles available, but may not always advertise these. Try asking the coach or an existing volunteer if the venue has a volunteer co-ordinator or someone you could speak to about getting involved. If you live in the local community, you can try contacting the club or park via their website or search for your local venue using our Find a venue tool. Organise to visit the venue at a suitable time when you can have an informal discussion about roles available.

Volunteering in your county

County tennis associations support clubs, leagues and run competitions to grow and support local tennis. Although there are some paid administrators, most county members are volunteers and there are a range of committee roles available. Alternatively you could offer to help at a county competition, especially if you’re attending to play or support young players. Contact your county to find out more.

Local volunteer opportunities

You can find a local tennis volunteering opportunity by visiting volunteer charity the Do-It Trust. Tennis clubs from all over the country are listed on the website and upload details of what volunteer roles they have available. Just type in your area or postcode, find your best local match and fill in the enquiry form. Alternatively, you can find the contact details of your local tennis venue by using our venue search and contact them directly.