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How do I choose where to get my ID Checked?
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You will be able to choose where to get your ID Checked on your DBS application. This is known as the 'Verification Method'. You will be able to choose either Post Office or Organisation.

Post Office

You will need take your documents to a Post Office (locations can be found here). You will also be required to print off the ID Verification Service form. Please note: This is a paid service and the extra charge will be added to your payment.

Organisation (LTA ID Checker)

An LTA ID Checker will be soneone at your venue or in your county who will be able to check your documents face to face. A spreadsheet of venues who have an ID Checker is available on the LTA DBS page. Please note: This is a free service.

If there is noone available to check your documents then you will need to choose the Post Office by logging back into your application.

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