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What are Player Passports, and how do I get one?
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Player passports are allocated to players who have exhausted all competitive opportunities in their eligible competition age groups (i.e., A 8U player has access to 8U and 9U events). A passport provides the opportunity for a player to compete in one age group above their eligible competition age groups (i.e., A 8U player has access to 8U and 9U events, the player passport allows the player to also have access to 10U events). To further understand how age groups are determined please read the Competition Age Groups section of the LTA website.

The allocation of player passports is managed by the National Pathway Team. Passports are awarded to any player with a competitive profile that demonstrates national level success within both their eligible competition age groups. It must be stressed that although a player may meet the benchmark to trigger being awarded a passport, the National Pathway Team strongly advise that the player seeks advice from their coach regarding their competitive schedule. A player’s competitive success alone should not be the sole consideration for the player to compete in an older age group or ball colour.

Player profiles are reviewed and passports actioned monthly by the National Pathway Team. All player passports expire on the 31 December in the year in which they are allocated. 


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