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Tennis Coach


FG LONDON TENNIS, Greater London
Min. Qualification:
Level 2
Min. Accreditation:
LTA Accredited
Job Type:
Part Time (20 hours or less a week)
£25 - £28 Hourly
Self Employed
Job posted on:
25 March, 2024
Closing date:
20 April, 2024

We are looking to recruit a reliable, enthusiastic,self-motivated and hard-working coach to work on our Tennis Programme.
The suitable candidate will mainly be working with beginners intermediate, and advanced Levels. We have a range of group sessions ready for the right coach to begin immediately. We also can begin new sessions and build them around the existing programme. the ideal candidate will also have an interest in delivering both adult and junior 1:1 sessions.We have an experienced team go coaches at FG London Tennis when deliver high- quality school tennis coaching

FG London Tennis is dedicated to serving the tennis community across London, with a particular focus on the North West areas. Collaborating with various tennis venues and schools in the region, FG London Tennis offers a comprehensive coaching program tailored to players of all ages and skill levels. The organisation takes pride in nurturing talent and supporting both junior and adult teams who actively compete at county, regional, and national levels, contributing to the vibrant tennis scene in the area

1.Experience in Delivering a Thriving Coaching Program: Demonstrated track record of successfully implementing and managing a diverse coaching program catering to adults and juniors of all skill levels. This includes evidence of fostering growth, skill development, and participation among participants.

2.Entrepreneurial Ability: Possesses an entrepreneurial mindset with a willingness to innovate and explore new ideas to attract and retain players. Proven ability to adapt to changing trends in the tennis industry and create initiatives that drive engagement and participation.

3.Partnership Building Skills: Ability to establish and maintain effective partnerships, evidenced by existing collaborations with coaching assistants or a clear strategy for building and managing a coaching team. Demonstrated leadership and communication skills to inspire and motivate team members towards shared goals.

4.Training and Development Expertise: Evidence of successfully training and mentoring individuals to achieve LTA Level 1 and Level 2 coaching qualifications. This includes providing guidance, support, and resources to facilitate the professional development of aspiring coaches within the organization.

Candidates meeting these specifications would contribute significantly to the success and growth of FG London Tennis by ensuring the delivery of high-quality coaching programs, fostering innovation and partnership building, and nurturing the development of coaching talent within the organisation.

How to apply

Applications should include a one page cover letter and CV, which can be sent to Fglondontennis@gmail.com

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