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Coach teaching a women to play forehand

Padel Made Easy - learn basic padel skills


New to the game or just want some tips and tricks to help you improve your padel skills? Well, you've come to the right place.

Learn padel alongside our British stars, Tia Norton, Christian Medina Murphy, Sam Jones and more. The Brits are on hand to breakdown some of the different padel shots so you can jump on court and start playing with friends and family today.

Padel tutorials

  • Episode one: How to play a forehand
  • Episode two: How to play off the back glass
  • Episode three: How to hit a volley
  • Episode four: How to play the double glass
  • Episode five: How to hit a bandeja
  • Episode six: Padel tactics - Playing slow

Find out more about padel and how you can start playing

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