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Two women walking on a tarmac path through a park, dressed in sports gear, with the lady on the left guiding a bicycle

Two women walking on a tarmac path through a park, dressed in sports gear, with the lady on the left guiding a bicycle
Two women walking on a tarmac path through a park, dressed in sports gear, with the lady on the left guiding a bicycle

LTA Pledgeball League is back for 2024


Our partnership with Pledgeball, the research-backed charity dedicated to rallying the sports community to tackle climate change, is back for 2024.

The climate crisis and changes to the environment are impacting tennis at all levels, and it's up to everyone in the sport to play their part to secure a lasting future for tennis in Britain.

In 2023, thousands of pro-environmental pledges were made by people at tennis venues across Britain to make small changes in their lives – taking shorter showers, using reusable water bottles, and taking public transport to name a few – to collectively make a big difference to tennis’ impact on the environment.

This year, we are aiming for even more tennis players at LTA registered venues to submit pledges on behalf of their venue via the Pledgeball website. Four rounds will run from June to September, giving you even more opportunities to pledge and make a difference.

Make a pledge

If your venue comes out on top in any of the league’s four rounds, they will receive a £500 grant from the LTA to be used for a sustainability project on-site. This could be to support installing court-side water fountains, a bike rack or energy efficient lighting - anything that helps make your venue greener!

Not only that, but everyone who makes a pledge will be entered into the draw to win a pair of tickets to the WTA 500 event held at The Queen’s Club in 2025!

Check back here at the end of each round of the league to find out who’s come out on top:

What's it all for?

Our ongoing partnership with Pledgeball is just one way we’re delivering our Environmental Sustainability Plan, supporting the tennis community across Britain to have a positive impact, as well as transforming our own operations and events to be more environmentally friendly.

Tennis is increasingly impacted by environmental change around the world, particularly as a result of extreme weather events and increasing temperatures. Whether it be the impact of more extreme temperatures on Britain’s major events, or rising sea levels and severe weather meaning a higher proportion of tennis venues are at risk of regular flooding, it's critical that we all play our part.

We want to work with everyone involved in tennis in Britain to safeguard our sport, the places it's played, and the communities we serve for the future.

Earlier this year as part of our marking of Earth Day, we spoke to two venues who were among the top performing in the 2023 LTA Pledgeball League.

Read our feature to find out what steps they’ve been taking to make their sites more sustainable.

Tennis match taking place on a park tennis court

LTA Participation Director and Executive Lead on Sustainability, Olly Scadgell said:We’re thrilled to be teaming up once again with Pledgeball to help tennis venues and players across Britain make a difference, and protect where our sport is played.

“Helping our sport become more sustainable continues to be one of the LTA’s key goals. Our venue support toolkit continues to provide practical advice and solution for venues on waste and energy usage reduction, while at our summer events, we’ve teamed up with BRITA to significantly reduce the presence of single use plastic bottles.

“The climate crisis and changes to the environment are already impacting tennis at all levels, and it’s up to all of us to secure tennis for future generations.”

Katie Cross, Pledgeball CEO said: “Last summer we had the delight of working with the LTA and some of the incredible venues that are driving environmental sustainability to the top of the agenda. The appetite for ambitious change and the work that is already happening at the venues is incredible.

"We are absolutely delighted to continue this partnership into Year 2 and are very excited to see what we can drive together as more venues join the charge.”


To find out more about the LTA x Pledgeball League, and to access even more resources to help your club become more sustainable, head to our venue support page

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