16 - 17 April 2021

Billie Jean King Cup by BNP Paribas

National Tennis Centre, London

Event structure | Order of play

Heather Watson in action in the Billie Jean King Cup

What is the Billie Jean King Cup?

The Billie Jean King Cup by BNP Paribas, formerly known as the Fed Cup, is the World Cup of women’s tennis.

In September 2020, the competition was officially named in honour of 39-time Grand Slam Champion King, who won it 10 times in her career: seven times as a player and four times as a captain (including once as a player-captain).

It offers players from around the world the chance to represent their country and, with more than 100 nations involved, is the largest annual international team competition in women’s sport.

How does it work?

The Billie Jean King Cup is split into four sections: the Finals, Qualifiers, Play-Offs and Groups.

The 12 leading teams contest the Finals at one location over six days. The 2021 Finals will take place in Budapest, Hungary later this year.

In order to make the Finals teams must win a Qualifier. Following defeat to Slovakia in a Qualifier last year, Great Britain will not be part of the Finals for 2021.

Great Britain have the chance to reach another Qualifier, for the 2022 Finals, but they will need to beat Mexico in a Play-Off this week in order to do so.

Full details around the format of the Billie Jean King Cup can be found here.

Schedule for Great Britain vs Mexico 

Friday April 16

Singles - Match 1 - 14:00 start

Marcela Zacarias vs Katie Boulter

Singles - Match 2 

Heather Watson vs Giuliana Olmos

Saturday April 17

Singles - Match 1 - 11.30 start 

Heather Watson vs Marcela Zacarias

Singles - Match 2

Katie Boulter vs Giuliana Olmos

Doubles - Match 3

Harriet Dart and Heather Watson vs Fernando Contreras and Giuliano Olmos

There will be a break in play from 15:00 to 16:00 on Saturday April 17 to pay respects to HRH Prince Philip whose funeral is taking place. More information on timings can be found here.

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