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Catherine Rose

Catherine Rose



08/04/2024 172


Last updated: 16/04/2024


SHOT: Double handed backhand


Miguel Gascon


HEIGHT166 cm




SHOT:Double handed backhand


Miguel Gascon

Get to know Catherine Rose


Quick-fire facts

  • Lives: Southfields, London
  • Family: Her Mum works in PR and her Dad is an optician. Rose also has two older brothers, Richard - the eldest who works in the music indutsry managing artists, and Harry who works for a property development company.
  • Trains: The Padel Hub, Slough
  • Padel idols: Bea Gonzalez
  • Favourite tournament: In terms of FIP events - any of them in Britain are fun and special. In terms of LTA tournaments, the events in Guernsey and Jersey have been super enjoyable.
  • Hobbies/interests: Rose is a teacher part-time. When she's not playing Padel she also enjoys seeing her friends and family, going for walks, enjoying a brunch or nice dinner. In the summer months, she loves playing golf and occasionally still some tennis

Padel beginnings

Rose first played Padel at the National Tennis Centre at the end of 2021. She was introduced to it by a friends and just played the one time. She loved it but didn't play again for a couple of months and just viewed it as a hobby at the very beginning.

She spent a lot of time playing tennis as a junior and was able to apply the skills she had learnt from tennis to a new sport, which was very satisfying. She found it really addictive and saw improvements quite quickly, which made it motivating to play more and more. 

She always played high level sport throughout her life - tennis as a junior, then rugby until she left uni, so found it nice to have a focus and something to train for and compete at again.

Rose is currently a semi-professional Padel player as she's working part-time. As soon as the opportunity came for her to cut down on work to focus on padel, she took it. The motivation and enjoyment from Padel is something she doesn't get in any other aspect of her life.

Tennis Career

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