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Regional Performance Camps


A young boy hitting a forehand in tennis

Regional Performance Camps (RPC) are daylong camps delivered in each of the five English regions incorporating players from England and Wales. Led by 10U National Pathway Coaches, the camps provide best vs best training opportunities to players at the 10U stage of the player pathway. The camps are also an opportunity for the National Pathway Coach of the region and County Performance Leads to observe player development across the region.

What can you expect at a RPC?

  • Regional Performance Camps are designed to bring an additional training experience to a player’s programme. Activities to expect include motor skill and skill acquisition development, sparring, and match practice opportunities
  • Parent education is provided, with key information on appropriate training environments and competition scheduling, information on the LTA Player Pathway, and what to expect as a tennis parent

How often will the camps run?

There are three camps a year, per gender and age group.

What is the camp selection process?

  • Each County Performance Lead within the region will nominate players in consultation with the respective National Pathway Coach
  • Players nominated are perceived to have the potential to be a national competitive 11U player and consider the following areas:
  1. Good technical base
  2. Good athletic qualities
  3. Good competitor

Who are the camps for?

  • The camps are for players aged between 8 and 10
  • Camps will be on a combination of the ball colours, that of their current age group and that of the age group above
  • Players will be demonstrating a love and commitment to the sport which includes having a quality training and competition programme

A minimum of 11 players will be invited to each camp.

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