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Our vision is ‘Tennis opened up’, and our mission is to transform communities through tennis, focussing on three areas – making tennis welcoming, enjoyable and inspiring to everyone.   

Tennis brings together communities, families, and the country as a whole. It can be at the heart of our community and a source of social enjoyment. It’s rewarding, has physical and mental health benefits for those who play it, and is a wonderful spectacle for those who watch it. It is a sport for everyone - all ages, all backgrounds, all levels of fitness, all abilities.  

The LTA has been the governing body for tennis since 1888, providing the necessary governance, workforce support, events and competitive structure for the game. We also have an important role to play in ensuring the popularity and longevity of our sport. 

Our vision of ‘Tennis opened up’ was at the heart of our 2019-2023 strategy and has delivered real success. Not only have we seen the decline in participation reverse, we have also seen the ambitious targets we set for increasing participation exceeded.  

‘Tennis opened up’ remains very much our vision for 2024-2026 - we want to build on the approach and successes we have seen over the past five years, with a renewed focus on the areas where we can have the most impact. 

What we are doing 


We will make tennis welcoming to all, by reaching new audiences through grassroots programmes, investing in high quality facilities with a focus on parks and covered courts, whilst creating a more diverse tennis workforce. This will make tennis a truly inclusive sport. 


Ensure tennis is enjoyable for all by making it easy to play. We’re investing in resources and teacher training in schools across the country, pioneering new and engaging forms of the sport, and creating a variety of opportunities to book, play and compete whether that be in clubs, parks or other venues. 


Making sure we inspire through tennis - on and off the court. Helping to develop professionals who perform at the highest level, can inspire future generations of players and fans. We can only do this through investment in a high quality and internationally relevant performance programme. We also want to set aspirational standards off the court - making sure tennis is governed and administered to the very highest standards, and ensuring we have the financial stability to guarantee the long-term health of the sport. 

We have a lot to do, and we know we can’t do it alone. We want every volunteer, every coach, every official, every player and every fan in Britain to work together, so that we can grow the sport we all love. We want to support everyone who cares about our game to work together to turn our vision into reality and open up tennis. 

Read the full 2024-2026 vision document

It’s time to open up tennis and we want you to come on this journey with us

Governance & regulation

The LTA Rules set out our objectives and how we run our affairs.


The LTA have a number of policies and rules we adhere to, please read for further information.

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