Five ways you can play tennis in England over lockdown


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Two players compete over a makeshift court 

With England currently in lockdown as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic playing tennis is temporarily forbidden – or is it?

Yes, tennis courts are required by Government to close in England for the duration of the national lockdown, from November 5 – December 2, as a result of the closure of all outdoor and indoor sports facilities and amenities across the country.

The latest restrictions can be read in full on our Coronavrius (Covid-19) updates page.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and practice. Here are five ways you can still get your tennis fix over the second national lockdown.

1) Play a game in your living room

You don’t even need rackets for this one. If you have two frying pans and an ironing board, you’re good to go. The emphasis here is on your control – we don’t want to hear any reports of broken vases/windows/TVs!

2) Practice your serve with a dog

It’s understandable that you might be missing your coach this lockdown, but fear not as there’s always man’s best friend who can help. If you’re a dog owner then try working on your serve with your pet in a garden or park.

3) Hit against a wall

The best partner you’ll ever have. Always on time. Always returning the ball back to you. Find a wall near you and get hitting.

4) Play a match in the garden (onesies optional)

If the below video doesn’t inspire you to play tennis while at home, we don’t know what will. If you’re able to set up a makeshift court in your garden – and have another member of your household on hand to compete against – you could be having your own rallies that are as epic as this one which features 26 shots, two interesting outfits and one tweener.

5) Keeping the kids active

Looking to keep the little ones entertained with new games and acitivities at home? Well you've come to the right place. The LTA Youth Tennis at Home hub has everything you need to help your kids develop key core skills and their love for the sport. There's plenty for you to get involved with as well, just visit here.

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